Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Walters Falls Feed Mill

The most amazing part of Walters Falls to me is not the falls, but the history.  And besides the old sawmill at the falls, now replaced by The Falls Inn and a new lumber operation, there's another piece of living history here.  For Walters Falls has long had two mills, two milldams, and two mill ponds, one upstream of the other.

And the other mill, a feed mill, is still an active water-powered mill, the last commercial mill like this in the province!  It is amazing to see, and more amazing to me that it still runs on water power.  These two posts, from early November 2014, tell you the story of that mill.

First, A Real Water-powered Feed Mill.
Second, Walters Falls Water-powered Mill, Part 2 


  1. Great photos again! Have to visit this place some day soon!

  2. If we get up into that neighborhood with our camper van we'll definitely have to have us a look at Walters Falls.