Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Harrison Park Lunch

Last Friday we enjoyed another lunch at the Harrison Park restaurant, and took a few minutes for a ride/walk down the trail.  Another beautiful day here in Grey County.

We're getting ever more familiar with this place.  We now know to go in the back door even though the front door is "wheelchair accessible".  We literally bumped into the manager as we entered, so we explained our frustrations to her - even though the back door works perfectly well for us.

 We ate by the big stone fireplace under the watchful eye of the 'chef'.

 Do you think I qualify as a pedestrian?

There's a narrow diversion channel bringing a stream from the river to create a shallow manicured channel past the playground.  I remember playing in the water here as a very young toddler.

These folks in two rented canoes looked like they were fairly inexperienced, bumping into each other.  They have planted a lot of trees in memory of people, marked with small plaques.

Alternatively you could rent a small paddleboat and go for a ride.  My mother and I did this when I was about 10, and ended up securely stuck on an old deadhead just below the water's surface, half a mile downstream.  We had to be rescued.

I wasn't impressed with the resident Canada Goose families though.  You have to be careful where you drive.

I was hoping we'd see salmon swimming up the river, but no luck, even though the big Salmon Derby was this weekend.  The salmon are all still out in the bay and won't appear here for 3 or 4 weeks yet.

Here's a nice big one we saw last year.


The last picture in yesterday's post is the dorm at St. Andrews University where William and Kate met.  Remember our trip was in 2011, just a year after their wedding.


  1. Not the golf course after all. Love the stream, the garden and big umbrellas at the restaurant are so inviting.Pedestrian? As long as you go at walking pace.

  2. I was wrong too.

    It looks like you had good conditions to be out.

  3. That's a good sized fish. The stream looks lovely to sit beside and looks like you had a nice day out.

  4. I think you are definitely a pedestrian, even if it's only a euphemism. Maybe I'm wrong about that, though. What does management say? :-)

  5. Looks like a lovely place. Don't know about up there, but down here a "mobility device" like your wheelchair is permitted anywhere a pedestrian can go.

  6. That's a nice looking place there at Harrison Park and I think that is great you still have those long ago water memories from there.

  7. pedestrian go where you wanna go.

  8. What a lovely place to go walking. I'm sure you qualify as a pedestrian!!
    I'd love to try that paddle boat.