Sunday, August 11, 2019

An Adventurous Day - Bluewater Park

We headed out yesterday on our longest day trip yet, stopping in Wiarton, Petrel Point and Oliphant.  It was a glorious late summer day, and we enjoyed all our stops, as well as the drive itself.  The first stop was Bluewater Park, on the beach in Wiarton, where we fought off the 'attack seagulls' to have our picnic lunch in peace.

This Ring-billed Gull led the way, hopping to within 2 or 3 feet to pick up crumbs.  The trick is to stare them down.  At least we weren't subjected to attacks from the air this time.  

We followed the boardwalk out to the end at the Rotary lookout away from the crowds.  I think that's the resting and staging area for the gulls in the distance where they rest up before picking on the next innocent visitor!  The gear adjustments on my new wheelchair which give me a 'Ramp' gear with high torque enabled me to bump up onto the boardwalk quite neatly.

The view out of the long, deep Colpoy's Bay into Georgian Bay is spectacular!  We're probably looking at Hay Island in the distance, one of three islands that occupy the opening into Georgian Bay.  The others are White Cloud and Griffith, with their interesting historical legends.

A closer look shows a large sailboat heading northeast.  Around the corner is Big Bay, site of the 'World's Best Stone Skipping Beach'.and I think that must the just the corner of White Cloud Island.

 On the left is Malcolm Bluff, and two sailboats much closer to hand.

An interesting smaller sailboat with double sails slid past on the far side of the pier.  Sorry I don't know enough about sailing to know what this configuration of sails is called.

Unfortunately the pier itself is currently inaccessible due to high water levels, though it looked as if the outer end was still above water.

This route to get to the pier was certainly not above water!  Note the inaccessible bench on the far right; last year this was dry land.

The Canada Geese didn't mind though.

And this is one for the books - a domestic duck on a leash!  Must be an interesting background story to this!

Next stop Petrel Point.


  1. I wonder if the goose had a damaged leg or wing, and was on a leash until it healed. What wonderful views,

  2. Wow, these are the best photos, yet. They can go on a wall! Seagulls seem to be dangerous in your neck of the woods.

  3. Wonderful pictures but we agree there has been high water levels all over this summer. It could be resolved by opening the Floodgates at Niagara.
    Strange having a Duck on a leash.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the outdoors.

    It's about time.

  4. I'd like to hear the story of the duck!
    Garrison Creek is west of Oakwood but then crosses over and goes under Christie Pits park and then under Bickford park. Taddle Creek is more to the east under the Annex and Philosphers Walk. I think parts of it must be under my place as we have a damp basement.

  5. We were there this time last year. Water sure is high.

  6. Well, I have never seen a duck on a leash!

  7. Glad to hear how well your new wheelchair is on this kind of terrain. And that duck on a leash? Weird! Who has pet ducks? :-)

  8. I had a pet duck in grade school. Her name was Gerty. She loved me, and I loved her. My German Shepard...not so much.

  9. Great shots! Grandsons just returned about a week ago from their yearly visit on the north shores of the Georgian Bay. Their other grandparents have a place near Ojibway Island.

  10. Glad you had such a nice outing!
    Beautiful photos of your day.
    A duck on a leash is a new one for me.

  11. I'm glad you had a wonderful day trip on Saturday although I'm sad it didn't work out for a visit.
    The views across Georgian Bay are beautiful. I'm happy to say that I have now been to Big Bay where the Skipping Stones beach is. :)

  12. Sure is a land of enchantment up there along that Georgian Bay coastline.

  13. A duck on a leash...who knew:) Nice outing!