Thursday, August 29, 2019

Fibre Spirit in Barrie

On Saturday we headed for a nice country drive to Barrie, down some rural roads we have rarely driven.  We were headed for Barrie where a fibre festival was being held.  Basically it was a big sale of dyed wool with 65 vendors.

 All kinds of wool!

There were a few other things for sale, like these simple hand looms.

And more wool.

 I learned a little bit about Alpacas too, and chuckled at this sign.

Only a few disconnected things for sale, like these cups at $45.00 a pop.

 Carol of 'Carol's Woolies' makes sox on her 100 year old sock making machine.

Not many, but a few very nice knitted items of clothing.

You may be wondering why we went.  Well, our daughter-in-law was one of the vendors.  Tomorrow you'll meet her.


  1. And here I'd assumed you'd gone so Mrs. FG could get some yarn -- shouldn't assume!

  2. Makes me want to get up and run to the nearest yarn store to get ready for the alpacalypse! :-)

  3. That is a wonderful display and I would be leaving with a huge bag full of those glorious yarns and colours.Tomorrow? I will be there. Well, on the internet if not in real person.

  4. Wow, beautiful calm colors. I would love to learn how to make socks on that machine. Looks interesting.

  5. My mother used to fill the house with balls of wool and knitting needles, but I don't think so many people knit these days.

  6. Oh I love going to these kind of events.
    Wow the colors are beautiful. Would be very hard not to buy one of everything.

  7. Love all those really great colors.