Saturday, August 3, 2019

Sailing School

Meaford boasts an active sailing school, directed primarily (I think) at young teenagers.  They have their own building on the harbour, and a small fleet of sailing dinghies tied up at their own dock.  I was downtown last week heading for the museum, also on the waterfront, when I saw a class head out for some practical training.

The class of four little boats heads out, with an instructor in a zodiac.

I do know one young lady who signed up for the week-long sailing camp a few years back.  Based on knowing her, I judge the age of students to be in the 10-15 year age range.

I spent some useful time in the museum (though not as useful as I had hoped), and then rode down to the shoreline park where Mrs. F.G. was going to  meet me.  Out in the bay I could see quite a few small sailboats, including this class of four.

Moments later I was a little worried to see two of the boats go over!

But my worry only lasted a moment or two, as I saw one of the boats pop back up again.

And a moment later, the other popped back up.  Obviously this was part of the sailing lesson, so nothing to worry about.

Soon the lesson was over and they headed back into the harbour.  Just another summer day in the sun here in Meaford!


  1. We watched the sailing club having fun when we were there last year. I wanted to join.

  2. They must be learning how to right the sailboat if it goes under like that. I have kayaking friends who have to learn the same lesson in their kayak! Interesting, informative, and great pictures as well. :-)

  3. My daughter, who is not a sailor, did go to sailing camp when she was about that age and I am so glad we gave her that opportunity. Hubby and I sailed a Hobie Cat when we lived out in the South Pacific. I learned much!

  4. That was something I considered learning years ago. That went out the window when we started raising a family. Now I enjoy watching rather then doing.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Sailboats always seem so calm and peaceful to me.
    I was a guest on a sailboat one time and was put to work. A lot more to sailing than you would think!!

  6. I like dry land!!But for those younger people, this is the best way to start,and tipping over, all part of the lesson. Beautiful sunny day there, it warms my heart just to see blue skies . ( Very cold in some parts of NZ, and a lot of snow, in places right down to the sea shore line.)

  7. Looking like butterflies upon the water sailboats seem to have a calming affect on people watching them. Only been on a sailboat once back in the late 70's when three of us in early October sailed on a friend's boat from Tobermory to Wiarton where he stored it for the Winter.

  8. Such fun they would be having learning to handle those sail boats, and fun to watch as well.

  9. That was a lot of fun to see a regatta like that. We were on Lake Superior this week and saw a lot of sailboats at both Grand Marais and Duluth, Minnesota.