Saturday, September 3, 2016

More from the Fair

There was lots more at the fair beyond the heavy horses, although we had missed all the light horses and cattle showing on the Saturday.  We had a good time looking around inside the arena with all the fair displays and competitions too.

There was a beautiful big quilt available in the Quilt Raffle.

A popular photography contest which I entered a couple of years past.

As well there was a separate children's photography show, and this was one of the pictures.  I thought it could have won a prize in the adult competition!

There was flower arranging.  Many rural homes grow flowers for cutting and using in bouquets.

Of course there were several different categories of competition for growing vegetables.  This was the winner in the 'Basket of Mixed Veggies' contest.

And baking....sadly they keep the baking under wraps, so you can only look at it.  What a shame.

The local rug hookers had a display; there's quite an active group of hookers in town.

I thought this was one of the nicest of the kids' crafts.

And they had the fanciest cub car track I've ever seen, along with some fancy cars.

Our grandson even got a pony ride, his first.

Big excitement here today; I'll let you in on it tomorrow.


  1. That fair with all it's colors, shapes, creative ideas and baking competitions etc reminds me so much my home town's annual fair as well years ago. It was the Tavistock Fall Fair of course and my Mother would often win for the best 'Angel Food Cake'. I won a red ribbon for a pencil sketch of a soldier I did once and I remember how we used to walk around the baking section trying to figure out a way to slip a couple tarts out from under the plastic coverings. Ahhhhh yes, Fall Fair time always brings pleasant memories for me.

  2. that quilt is absolutely the bomb!

  3. What a fabulous quilt, superb fabrics and pattern, and all those points, I can admire hugely whoever is behind all that. Love the wee fellow having a ride, and the horse photo, I agree, a super photo from anyone of any age.

  4. We are going to miss our Fall Fair this year. I love riding horses. And it started when I was very young. Watch out! - Margy

  5. Wonderful crafts and produce. And I'm sure you're right about that horsie photo - I'd be proud of it anyway.

  6. Love to check out the Fall fairs if we are near one in our travels, always something interesting to see.

  7. Great photos of the fair. Great variety and colour! Love this time of year!

  8. Hello, wonderful series from your visit to the fair. I like the horses. The sunflower arrangement is beautiful. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  9. Looks like a good time at the fair. I love walking around fairs.
    I agree, about the horse picture.

  10. Wow--what a great fair you all had... George and i said recently that we should go to our fair one year... I think they had it this past weekend --and of course, we missed it... You have enticed me to go sometime...

    Love love love the colors in that quilt.... GORGEOUS....

    Hope you won something in the photography contest... You SHOULD since your pictures are excellent.

    Thanks for sharing....


  11. Wonderful fair pictures. And that quilt! I hope whoever wins it will appreciate as much as I would have. Thanks for the tour. :-)

  12. All such lovely photo's.
    Great to see Grandson enjoying his ride

    All the best Jan

  13. It looks like you had a great variety of things to see.

  14. Great shots of "Anywhere" Ontario fall fair. Don't you love the categories for these fairs..."Basket of Mixed Veggies". Great line about the active hookers!! ha ha! My daughter took one ride on a pony when she was tiny and that was it! She was in love with horses and still hasn't broken up with them. Did you win the quilt?!

  15. Who doesn't love a fair? Nice collection of photos!

  16. My mother did rug hooking for years until the arthritis put an end to it.