Wednesday, March 25, 2020

New Barns

The new barns built around here in the past few years represent the opposite end of the spectrum from the old dilapidated barns I posted pictures of yesterday.  So just to keep things in balance, here are some recent signs of investment on farms.

These are the barns at Hope Haven Farm, the terapeutic riding centre near our former home.  If these buildings aren't new they are certainly well maintained, and the riding arena, the red roof of which you can see on the right, is quite new.

This is a small but brand new barn built not far away.

And this is a big new barn addition on a cattle farm.  They've retained the older barn behind it.

The lighting is poor on this one, but it's a very nice new barn on a farm that sells meats locally.

Sometimes the new investment is a drive shed, which makes me think that they're getting into cash cropping and have a lot of equipment to store.

This is a huge new drive shed built a few miles to the south.

And sometimes fabric barns are increasingly popular, this one used as a riding arena I believe.

Others are used for hay storage.   So there is some balance among farm buildings, new investment balancing the old barns that fall down or are dismantled.  But the story is more complicated than this; I'll share some more examples tomorrow.


  1. The last one with huge bales looks like it has a rubberised? fabric roof over a metal frame? The newer ones show a prosperous ongoing establishment, others have memories galore. Down here, our country is in lockdown, only essential services allowed to be operational. So life as we knew it has changed radically, and as we are over 70, even supermarket shopping is not on our list of possibilities. The message is clear, and thrown at us on every appliance, TV. smart phone or other media, obey or you will be caught and punished. No travel unless for a valid reason, so up North Mr and Mrs F.G. enjoy those outings while you can still drive outside your own area.

  2. Those are some very fine barns. I enjoy seeing them. Thank you for taking the time to post about these interesting buildings. :-)

  3. I like seeing the new barns as well as the old ones!

  4. Unfortunately, the new barns just don't have the aesthetic appeal of the older barns, too spare and utilitarian.

  5. I would guess that it's cheaper to build a new barn than to do up an old one unless there are grants available to do the restoration work. I used to work in a place which had its own therapeutic riding centre attached to it, many of the children I worked with really enjoyed it.

  6. Hello, great barn series. I always enjoy seeing the horses too.

  7. Always nice to see old barns refurbished or built anew.

  8. Usually the old barns are so dilapidated before attention is paid, it almost makes sense to build new. Some of the old barns survive the weather and I really don't know how! They are my favourite for photos but it is nice to see the contrast in your blog posts. :)

  9. They are all beauties, but that second one sure catches my eye.