Friday, March 27, 2020

A Few More Barns

I'm sure you're tired of my barn pictures, but I'm quite enjoying them and I'm certainly not getting out to take other pictures these days!  So here are an almost last few barns for you to enjoy. 

This is a friend's farm just down the road from our former home.  I thought this distant shot from the back looked nice.

Another neighbour had this large cattle farm, but he also kept a team of large workhorses which he brought to the fall fair.  We'd see them out in the pasture with the cattle.

This farm dedicated a field to the Canadian Food Grains Bank.

At this cattle farm we once rescued a calf that had escaped under the gate!

I took this shot more for the shadows than the barn, but it's a very well-maintained cattle farm.

This is the farm where that dry stone wall I posted about last week is found.

Sometimes I manage to frame the picture of the farm buildings in the distance with a big tree in the foreground.  I think it makes a nice photo.

And last, I wish I knew the story behind this pickup-topped silo!  Someone was having a little fun!


  1. I love barns, especially the red ones, so I'd don't mind at all!

  2. Three huge cranes, maybe some construction work, the ute for some fun along the way maybe? and is it a horse stud ranch?farm? Love the distance shots, it gives us down here an idea of the vastness, and your snow. Take care, are you managing Ok for grocery shopping, is someone else doing that for you? We have such wonderful friends, and are so thankful for everything they are doing.

  3. I remember when Family Friends were having their Silos constructed of Cement just like the larger Grainaries. Now they are all being made of Metal because they are easier to maintain and don't crack. That's probably why the Pickup ended up on top of the old Silo.
    Be Safe and Enjoy watching for spring.

    It's about time.

  4. I love seeing your barn pics! I never see them in the city! ;-)

  5. I love those pretty red barns, and the shadows in the snow. These are fun! :-)

  6. Very nice to see well maintained barns. Doing a large portfolio of barn photos could be a life's work.

  7. Nice to see the barns. I like the sprawling green one.
    Our neighbor cows escape quite frequently. We just herd them back. Even had one walking around by the house once!!

  8. That pick-up reminds me of some of the pranks that students get up to in Cambridge. A car was once found on the roof of the University's Senate House. A group of young engineers managed to get it up there overnight, but it took the authorities many days and a crane to get it down. I don't think anyone ever worked out how the students got it up there.

  9. Nice barn photos in perspective to the countryside. I wonder if they took the engine out of that pick-up truck to lessen the weight. Wonder if the truck will remain up there or was it just an expensive prank?

    1. It's been up there for ten years that I can remember!

  10. I would never tired of barn shots...when you scroll down and look at my label for barns, you can quickly tell they are a love of mine. In fact, since seeing one of your posts, plus thinking of one of mine, I have been remembering more barns that are now gone, but at least I have a photo of them.

  11. P.s. Rock walls are also a favorite of mine, or rock anything, but I have very few. So those are always a wonderful find on a blog.

  12. The second particularly stands out.