Wednesday, September 25, 2019

O.S.F.D. Engine No. 1

The highlight  of the fire-fighting display at Grey Roots Museum was certainly the restored O.S.F.D. Engine No. 1, , the original Owen Sound Fire Department's motorized fire truck.

We were surprised and delighted to see this beautifully restored fire truck just inside the entrance to the exhibit.  Bright shiny red with gold trim, this looked like the Cadillac of old Model T's, enlarged and fitted out as a fire engine.

Mrs. F.G. got a little artsy with these photos, which just go to show how well the vehicle was restored.  She's getting to be a better photographer than I am.

You also get a bonus shot of Yours Truly, out and about and enjoying himself.  The remarkable part of this was that this truck had been delivered to the museum in pieces, and their dedicated team of volunteers had restored it.  It's now the museum's largest and one of its most valuable artifacts.  The volunteers have a large barn to work in which sounds like a wonderful way to spend your retirement days - if you know a little about vehicles, which I don't!

They certainly included reference to the sad fact that fire-fighting is sometimes fatal.  More than one local firefighter has lost his life during a fire.  We of course thought of William, who wasn't the typical firefighter, but lost his life never-the-less as a water bomber pilot.  If you haven't read about William you can find his story on tab above.


  1. I admire and have massive respect for any fire fighter, so many here are volunteers, and when their phone alarm goes, they rush to our local station, then if the siren goes, the rest of them know they are needed too. What a work of art to restore... Engine No.1. Dedicated people with a huge workshop, I can imagine the stories it could tell.

  2. Looks like they did a beautiful job on that old truck. Having fought forest fires for almost 40 years I understand the risks and work involved. Some of the missions I watched the air tankers fly were unbelievable and extremely high risk, especially in a few of our steep-sided canyons. I remember your tribute to William when he died in an

  3. What a beauty!

    I assumed this museum would have personal meaning to you.

  4. Fighting fires in any capacity is a wonderful service. I remember when your son William lost his life very well. Thank you and Mrs. F.G. for the lovely pictures of that fire engine! :-)

  5. That truck is beautiful! I can't imagine putting something like that together! They did an awesome job!
    Loved seeing you beside it.Great photo!

  6. what a beautifully restored truck that is. you look good and i am so happy that mrs. fg has taken such an interest in photography, getting those artsy shots!!