Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Ornge Air Ambulance

I was headed out for my usual ride the other day, rounded the second corner, and saw one  of the orange Ornge helicopters over on the landing pad at the hospital.  I've never seen one up close in action, so I mentally cancelled my ride, and over I went to take a closer look.

Ornge is the company that operates Ontario's air ambulance system.  Don't know whether the name or the colour came first.

It so happened that they were wheeling a patient out on a stretcher, and he quickly disappeared inside.
The pilots climbed in, two of the three doors shut, and they started getting ready for take-off.

Nope, it seems to take several minutes to get things ready.

Yup, just after this the other door closed and they rose into the air - no more pictures because I was busy taking the video below,

And after that, off into the southwest sky they went, probably headed for London.

 Enjoy the video if it works for you.

   If you missed my video of the falling rain yesterday,
you might want to go back and try it.   


  1. They do a wonderful job. Our air ambulances are bright yellow and of course one of them was famously piloted by Prince William for a while.

  2. There was one landing at Sunnybrook Hospital on Monday when I was visiting with someone there. You always know that someone is in distress when you see one but hopefully it gets them to help quickly.

  3. Great photographs and I enjoyed the video too :)

    All the best Jan

  4. I also wonder which came first, but they are quite wonderful and life saving to boot. I love helicopters and have jumped from a few of them. :-)

  5. Down here in the U.S. the insurance companies occasionally decide that med evac wasn't necessary and won't pay the charge for the helicopter leaving the patient with a large bill. A number of years ago the charge was about $65 a minute and it must be higher now.

  6. How very cool to see it in action.

  7. That was a nice diversion for you , loved the photos and the video.

  8. During the Walkerton water crises years ago I remember seeing the orange helicopters twice flying low over our old rented farm house near Fullarton Ontario. They were coming from the direction of Walkerton and flying in the direction of London.

  9. Worth taking a detour for you to see that. I've only seen them from a distance as well.
    the video was great!

  10. Asphalt sidewalks might be easier for your wheels. And easier on joggers and walkers. But upkeep in your northern clime could be more expensive. Cool movie.

  11. That's quite a sound! Reminds me of a kid's toy.