Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Busy Weekend!

A busy weekend here.  Our son and his wife took us out to a unique farm dinner held in a barn on Sunday, and Saturday we went out for lunch and then the Grey Roots Museum to see the new exhibit on fire fighting.  We found it very well done.

We bought a membership in the Grey Roots Museum this year, and so far it's nearly paid for itself twice over, and we still have the Fall Lecture Series to go.  They change exhibits regularly too, so there's often something new to see.

First we stopped at 'Kettles' for lunch though, a popular place on the highway just north of Chatsworth.  We know we'll get good food there at a reasonable price.

The exhibit we were there to see was the  just-opened 'Facing the Flames' exhibit.  Opening night was the night before, but it was very crowded; today we had the place almost to ourselves.  With my chair, that helped a lot.

The star of the show was the Owen Sound Fire Department Engine No.1, the original fire engine here, beautifully restored by museum volunteers.  More photos of it tomorrow.

An even older fire hose wagon that would have been hauled by horses was parked in the lobby.

But more than these displays there were quite a few interesting information panels.  You would learn a lot going through this exhibit if you stopped to read them all.  Here I learned that a fireman's full kit if he was pulling a hose weighs about 170 lbs.!!   You try even picking up 170 lbs.!

 An interesting piece was this large collection of shoulder flashes.  I found Meaford's, and learned that the Maltese Cross is the most widespread badge of honour for fire-fighting.  It dates back to the Crusades, when guns were not invented but naptha was, and fire became a weapon of war.  Crusaders who tried to rescue their brothers were later seen as the first firefighters.

The cleverest part of the exhibit in my view was a set of miniature firemen's suits, about right for a ten-year-old.  They could press a button to set the timer, scramble up a short stairs, fling themselves down a short firemen's pole, and try to get the whole outfit on before the timer went off.  This is my only picture of that, because the child there didn't want to take their suit off and I was trying to avoid getting them in the picture!

An interesting bright fire-fighting quilt there too.  Tomorrow more on the O.S.F.D. Engine No.1.


  1. What an interesting exhibition. There are whole museums set aside for the military but one seldom sees anything recording the history of other emergency responders.
    (One rather cheeky young woman that went to the school where I worked had a very effective way of getting through crowds with her wheelchair; she used to shout "I'm going to be sick!" and the crowds parted before her. It would have been better if she hadn't sat giggling uncontrollably as soon as she was through).

  2. Bet Mrs. FG liked that quilt. Fascinating background on firefighters. Firefighters have a special place in your hearts. Thanks for sharing.

  3. A wonderful place to spend some time.
    I'd take a piece of cherry pie!!

  4. Banana Cream and Dutch Apple work for me. Don't think I have ever seen a firefighter's museum before. Great idea especially for young folks to see. A truly honorable profession.

  5. The fire fighter exhibit would fascinate me. Excellent shots!

  6. A delightful exhibit. And those pies caught my eye, too. I think I'd like a bit of Dutch apple, please. :-)

  7. We love Kettles for meals, going there Thursday night for my birthday dinner. :)
    The Grey Roots Museum is very cool, good for you becoming a member. My sister is no longer there but took us on a tour a few years ago. Our good friend from London is a retired fireman after many years. A great career for brave men and women.
    Thank you for the tour!

  8. I have a wonderful old hand pump fire extinguisher from the local fire department. It isn't operations, but makes a nice decorative touch behind my woodstove. A modern one sits nearby just in case. - Margy

  9. Just reading the list of pies made me hungry. What a decision to make, but htat's an excuse to go back again, and again, and ...