Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Summer Weed Flowers

Mid July is the time when many summer 'weeds' burst into bloom.  I'd call them wildflowers, but most people know them as weeds.  Never-the-less their flowers are often beautiful, and they're an important mark of the seasons.  Here's a selection, all taken along my own street, or around the block where I regularly ride.

 Red Clover

 A variety of Crown Vetch

Another variety of Crown Vetch



Sow Thistle,
and after it has gone to seed.


 St. John's-wort

 Queen Anne's Lace
I like this one because my mother gathered it to use in her wedding bouquet.
Beautiful even before the flower unfolds.

Field Bindweed

Sweet Peas
A pretty addition to roadsides and ditches around here.

All of these plants colonize bare or disturbed ground, like the vacant lots at the end of our street.  It saddens me to think that once all the houses get built these will all disappear, replaced by the uniformity of grass lawns - a stunning loss of biodiversity in a small area, at huge cost.

And where will I go to get pictures then?


  1. The yarrow is particularly photogenic.

  2. Hopefully some of your neighbors will allow a small corner of their property to retain a touch of nature.

    Unfortunately, the Pennsylvania State University developed the pink and white crown vetch you show in a photo to re-vegetate disturbed sites. Pennsylvania now has upwards of 25,000 acres of that accursed plant which readily spreads into open woodland and fields and then out-competes native plants.

  3. So pretty! And I have long wondered what vetch looks like. I am slowly recovering from my injury, but as you said, it's nothing compared to yours! :-)

  4. We had all of those weeds, I mean wildflowers, in our yard or in the neighborhood when we lived on the VA eastern shore. One summer I spent taking photos of all and then identifying them afterwards. It is unfortunate that new housing will obliterate the ones you have shown here.

  5. Clover, reminds me of my childhood days on a farm, and all the others, every weed has its own beauty.

  6. I love beautiful weeds,especially white flowers of clover, they smell of my childhood☺

  7. Before the incident with Clemson, that morning actually, I had taken what I told my sister was my morning 'Wildflower Walk' with full intentions to post about them. :( Obviously, that fell by the wayside and your post has prompted me to go back and get the pictures. I don't think I've done that, LOL my memory!
    Queen Anne's Lace reminds me of my youth along with the clovers. We used to pull the clover petals and suck the liquuid out of them on the farm.
    By the way, you can come and drive along my country road if you need a place to see these wildflowers. :)

  8. Lovely photos . I call them wild flowers and I love them all , we have them in the fields and road side ditches and a long our river banks here in the valley and the field that's right beside us .

  9. i hope you find another spot, if that's what happens! they are all so beautiful, favorites are sweet pea and queen annes lace which are both abundant here!!!

  10. I'm all in favor of flowering weeds...otherwise my yard would have no color.

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  12. I just love vetch...specially the crown vetch....I have been so tempted to see if I could get it to grow here at my house...both it and Bird's Foot Trefoil...but I am afraid I might live to regret it.

  13. I remember years ago when purple loosestrife was the 'bad weed on the block'. I dug some up about 3 years ago and it now grows in a sunken plastic container in our front yard. I, like a few other commenters like to think of those weed flowers as wildflowers and they sure add some nice touches of color to our country landscape.

  14. We have a lot of the same flowers down here. The chicory grows wild along our highways. Our state planted crown vetch everywhere for a couple of years but now it isn’t so popular. I have never seen the bindweed before.