Tuesday, July 30, 2019

More Garden Shots

The beautiful Day Lily garden we visited on Sunday featured much more than Day Lilies.  A few garden sculptures and other plants among the paths kept us interested, and they had a small but very full veggie garden hidden surreptitiously behind the shed in the back.

My favourite is their blue bottle sculpture.  They work with a local iron worker to make the frames for these.

You could have your choice of teapots.

 A little vertical structure for the garden.

Two very frilly poppies, and ...

a clump of bright yellow Yarrow.

A beautiful blue Clematis.  I love the lacy seed heads.

They also have a number of very interesting trees - why have ordinary ones?  These are a Redbud and a Gingko.
They've got a great collection of miniature Hostas too.

And just to remind you, here are some more Day Lilies.
The last one here is the only name I remember, 'Milk Chocolate', and it really is just the colour of chocolate milk.

I'll leave you with my favourite garden feature, the blue bottle culpture.


  1. I am very impressed with the quality of that iPhone of yours.

  2. Beautiful flowers. Nice blue bottle flowers too. : )

  3. What a great place! And they sure do have a sumptuous variety of day lilies, along with lots of other fine stuff. Love the garden tour. :-)

  4. I love those blue bottles. I have a few kicking around somewhere that might do!

  5. Now that I see the closeup, the bottles are all of different shapes. I love their colour. I have a blogging friend called Crafty Gardener (she does both) that uses bottles like that. - Margy

  6. The Day Lilies have those glorious deep shades, every one is so beautiful.

  7. Wonderful flower pictures so colourful and love the bottle sculpture as well.

  8. So beautiful. Wish my garden was as nice.

  9. Here's another fan of the bottle sculpture.

  10. Everything shown here is wonderful. I like the colors of the lilies and the blue bottles.