Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Buttercup Season

I've been so busy sharing the many excursions we get out on that I'm falling behind on my posting about the continually changing seasons.  That's partly what this blog is supposed to be about after all.  Buttercup season is almost ending now, but it's contributed a lot of bright yellow to the fields as we drive around, back and forth to Owen sound especially.

I find Buttercups very hard to photograph close-up, especially in the sun.  There is absolutely no contrast in the bloom at all, no brown stamens to contrast with the yellow petals.  This is as good as I've got.

I usually find them in bigger patches.  These ones were growing in the ditch just around the corner against a background of Dandelions gone to seed.

I think this is my prettiest photo of Buttercups this year though, bright yellow mixed in with purple Dames Rocket.

This is why I think I can legitimately refer to a Buttercup 'season'.  In places, they turn the fields yellow for 3 or 4 weeks.

There have been some other yellow flowers in bloom recently too.  This one, so tiny you've probably never noticed it, is Black Medic.  I might even be in your front lawn.

The other common yellow flower at this time of year is Bird's Foot Trefoil.  It has proliferated along roadsides and even appears to grow on concrete.  It actually grows on long tendrils that reach out across the surface of the ground.  If you return when it has gone to seed it actually does look like a three toed bird's foot.


  1. Love these pretty yellow flowers. Buttercups are the bane of my gardening existence, though. It proliferates even with all my diligent weeding. :-)

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  3. I love the birds foot trefoil, purple clover and some other white thing, that grows in spectacular mounds along my road. Any day now the township will come along and mow it all down. :(

  4. You sure have a lot of Buttercups up your way so how's about sending a few of them down our way. I have always found the color yellow hard to photograph. Glad you mentioned Dames Rocket. I was driving around a couple days ago trying to think of that flowers name and couldn't. Been mistakenly calling it Phlox for years. Yes we certainly have shifted into Summer alright.

  5. The colour in wildflower meadows is stunning.

  6. A field of buttercups ... so cool!

  7. Love the buttercups but you nailed it about taking pictures of them. On our farm, as a young girl, we had a favourite cow we named Buttercup. Mom's favourite flower at the time. :)
    Bird's Foot Trefoil - I'd never heard of that and thank you for repeating it. We have tons of them all along the lane and the country roads.

  8. I'm constantly asking my pups, "How ya doin', Buttercup?"

  9. GORGEOUS!!! i like them mixed with the purple best!! you are lucky to have so much to write about!!!

  10. I love to see a field of buttercups, though I'll have to wait till next year now, all our buttercups having disappeared several weeks ago. Yellow flowers seem to be particularly difficult to photograph, especially on sunny days.

  11. Love all you buttercups so bright and lovely to look at.

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