Wednesday, July 17, 2019

In the Yard

Lots of things happening in the garden here at home.  Mrs. F.G. has created a genuine oasis of interesting plants which are all unfolding as summer progresses.  Steady sun and warmth recently has helped them.  Clematis and Hostas are blooming, and Day Lilies are about to burst.  Still occasional birds stopping to visit, notably the Cardinal and Blue Jay.

Two of the new Clematis flowers

 Pinks that are really pink!

 Reddish-brown Pansies that I like

Canna Lily on the deck

 One of several succulents in our tiny scree garden, with gravel for mulch

 Cabbage White - can you spot it?

 Cardinal and Blue Jay in the grass

I think this is our tiniest Hosta in bloom

A month ago it wasn't the Hosta but the tiny succulent in front of it in bloom.


  1. Beautiful! You have given me a good idea for my post tomorrow, since I won't be hiking, I'll take flower pictures so everyone can enjoy them, as much I hope as I have enjoyed yours. :-)

  2. The Clematis are like velvet, but that Canna, with furled leaves as well is a stunner. How Mrs F.G. has managed all this is truly amazing .

  3. Lots to enjoy - great garden flowers. Mrs. F.G. is amazing in so many ways.

  4. Mrs. FG put some beautiful flowers in your yard.

  5. All are so beautiful...I am very partial to any pansy.

  6. Peak time of summer and then it's downhill.

  7. Clematis seem to be putting on a real show this year. My garden group is showing amazing displays. Mine are easily triple the size they were any other year.

  8. Congratulations to Mrs FG on growing so many attractive plants, the Canna Lily is a stunner.

  9. It is certainly a colorful world we live in. Nice flower pics and Mrs FG has done a fine job in bringing all those colors together in your gardens.

  10. I love the flowers in your garden. The variety not only of the plants but the colours are lovely. I can't pick a favourite!

  11. Hi furry...
    Thanks for stopping by...much appreciated!
    Your gardens look great...Mrs Furry is doing a great job!
    And yes...I see the Butterfly!!
    Stay cool...
    Linda :o)

  12. Everything is wonderful to see. You clematis is a great color. You have a canna that is blooming, Mine is not. It looks like there are a lot of great things to see there. You even have the red and blue birds to help decorate the lawn. I don’t see bluejays where I have now moved.