Thursday, April 25, 2019

A Sunny Afternoon Drive

The next day we managed a sunny afternoon drive, under brilliant blue skies.  We headed south this time, and eventually picked up some 'Pita' sandwiches in Flesherton.  From there we mosied over to Lake Eugenia where we sat and ate while watching the water.

This is the late April rural landscape here, brown fields waiting for the farmer's touch to turn them green.  Not much green outside of the swamps.  Just a very few white patches on the north side of fencerows where it was drifted deep, and the sun doesn't hit it directly.

This is Eugenia Lake, all traces of ice and snow gone, and only a very few waterfowl left.  Compare this to my post of Apr. 3rd. with it few swans, hundreds of ducks and thousands of Canada Geese!

Driving back home again we passed one of my favourite little barns, a property now purchsed by a non-farmer as a retirement or weekend place (notice the solar panels?).

A number of times we spotted glimpses of the distant blue Mountains across the valley.

There are lots of flooded fields that sometimes attract gulls.  They weren't flying much here, but they were certainly squawking!  The video is for the sound effects.

Coming back into Meaford I noticed for the first time the extensive low are extending out into the bay beyond the western bluff up on the tank range.  Time to get the topo map out and correct my mental map.


  1. That bright blue April sky does wonders to relieve cabin fever. There's some green showing on those deciduous trees -- ah spring!

  2. It's much the same here- snow still in shady spots or those spots where there was a lot of it. Terrific shots!

  3. Lovely photographs, and that does look a nice barn.

    All the best Jan

  4. Love that old barn. Such a contrast to see the solar panels!

  5. Quite the change of weather all within 24 hours.
    Spring has finally arrived with lots of places getting Flooding.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. You found all kinds of good things on a Sunday afternoon drive.

  7. 'Sunny afternoon drives under brilliant blue skies' at this time of year and especially this year with all it's rain and cold air is definitely a spirits lifter. Nice to watch Winter morphing through Spring heading for Summer.

  8. What a beautiful day for a drive. The heat from the sun beaming in through the windows is wonderful. We drove yesterday with our windows partially down and that is rare.
    We have green fields around us which were obviously fall plantings of wheat. I said to Bill that the farmers must enjoy these plantings as it means they don't have to worry about the weather first thing in the spring. I agree with you about the little barn. :)

  9. Love those sunny days for a drive especially the views overlooking Georgian Bay loved you photos.

  10. It's lovely to go out for a drive like that. I also like that barn with the solar panels. :-)

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