Sunday, April 28, 2019

Signs of Spring!

There are lots of things that are signs of spring to us, after the hesitant days of early April tempt you into thinking that spring is here.  These are signs that spring is really here, usually by the end of April.

The willows have been somewhat yellow all winter, but by mid-April they are really yellow.

Lots of farm fields feature a small lake or two.  If the field is green like this one, it's likely winter wheat.

But a lot of fields in Grey County are like this, the light brown stubble of last year's hay crop.

 down on Lake Eugenia, the pair of Osprey who have used the nesting platform there for several years is back, though they obviously haven't laid eggs yet.

In the small urban stream valley around the corner, the grass is brilliant green in the sfternoon sun, and the water is flowing high.
At the end of that street there's a bright yellow patch of Sweet Coltsfoot, just the flower stems yet; the large leaves will come later.

Beautiful blue Eyed Grass coming up in a lawn around the corner.

A blurry long distance picture, but it's a Red Admiral, the first butterfly of the yearjust emerged from over-wintering larvae.

I think spring is really here!


  1. It sure does look that way. I'm glad to know that it's finally arrived in your part of the world! :-)

  2. You have such lovely wide open spaces!

  3. I thought spring was really here but I got big surprise with a big snow storm yesterday.

  4. Good to see you have signs of growth there, here we have signs of Autumn.

  5. I love the early greening up and the wildflowers.

  6. Wonderful to see green and spring flowers.Love the high nest, safe up there but might get a bit of wind.

  7. Glad to hear that Spring has finally reached you. We seem to have been back-sliding into winter in the last few days here but that should change soon.

  8. Beautiful pictures that depict Spring but we are looking forward to the next sign of Spring. Warmer Temperatures and Sun filled days.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  9. Despite our cold wet Spring it is still a welcome Spring and visually pleasing watching colors gradually return once again to our drab gray landscape. Soon as we get some sustained warm temperatures the color we will notice most is that rosy red glow in our cheeks as we finally begin smiling from ear to ear. So come on Spring....put that big colorful smile on my face will ya:))

  10. It certainly looks like it has returned.

  11. Beautiful pictures showing spring!

  12. Lovely to see your photographs.

    All the best Jan