Tuesday, April 16, 2019

A Few Spring Birds

In spite of Live View, here are a few of the birds we've had around recently.  Some of these are returning migrants who mark the coming of spring; others are headed further north.  One has been here all winter, but has dramatically changed colour!

Live View doesn't work too badly for this American Robin.  It gives those two or three short hops at the beginning of the picture.

This goldfinch has changed its colour from drab olive green to bright yellow.

And this Downy Woodpecker is drumming on trees for a few short weeks as a substitute for having a melodious call.

The Slate-coloured Junco is a year-round resident here, but many of them head further north to nest.

We saw this Great Blue Heron on a drive that ended up going through a marsh on Saturday, but it would have been a much better picture if cropped somewhat.  Live View won't let me do that.

One day a House Finch stopped at the feeder.  Originally a bird of the western U.S., the map in Peterson's field guide indicates that it was released in New York City in 1940 and is "spreading explosively".

These are the Common Red Polls, who nest far to the north along the shores of Hudson Bay and further.  But the photo illustrates two problems.  First there is virtually no contrast that lets you see the birds compared to the grass and snow in the background.  Secondly, Live View does not help fix this problem at all because there is no room to crop the photo and focus on one or two birds.

In the meantime, I have turned off 'Live View' and hope I never encounter it again!


  1. I haven't seen any herons as of yet.

  2. Live view did work well with the robins. You have goldfish and I have not seen a one so far. It is your state bird but I thought they (some) did winter over. The house finch and regular sparrows are everywhere. When I finally get a goldfinch it will be posted immediately. Have a good day.

    1. Spell check likes goldfish better than goldfinch. I get tired of it correcting me.

  3. Nice to see the birds returning, but can't do your videos with our limited internet.

  4. Nice when the birds return. Love hearing them chirping while I'm walking.

  5. Green grass means the snow might have gone for a while? And birds arriving, heralding in spring with their chirping.

  6. I just noticed today how bright yellow the goldfinches suddenly are! Courtin' time in birdland.

  7. Always nice to see Spring's songbirds returning yet again for another season. Soon the forests, fields, and backyards will be alive with their beautiful songs.

  8. Yay for the spring birds. Lovely sightings. Wishing you a happy day!

  9. I watched all your "video" pictures and enjoyed them. Glad to know you've turned off Live View. Join the crowd. :-)

  10. Always lovely to see the birds.

    All the best Jan

  11. Nice to see the birds, even without LiveView. :) I am waiting to see my first blue heron, I love them now that I don't have a pond with fish in it.