Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Inglis Falls

Inglis Falls is one of my favourite places, in all seasons.  I returned two weeks ago to get some winter pictures, and found the water in the Sydenham River running high!

Because the steps to the best viewpoints get covered in ice, they put up a barrier keeping visitors to the upper level.  So your only view of the falls is through these cedar trees at the top.  I'd feel very guilty stepping beyond the barrier, but I have to admit sometimes I do!

Both of these pictures are taken at a very fast speed of 1/4000 sec., with the ISO set at 1600, pretty well stopping the splashing water.

It's a beautiful falls, with lots of steps down the rock as it tumbles over the escarpment.  Once you've seen it in all seasons you appreciate it even more in full flow like this, just the top quarter of the falls.

More attempts to 'stop' the water.  I like this one of the water flowing over the upper ledge best.  You take enough photos and eventually you get one you like!

They had a new plaque on the history of the falls, and I was interested in the faded old photo that shows the falls (running VERY full), and the buildings of the old mill.  It's the first time I've seen a photo that shows this many big old buildings of the old mill at the height of its operation.

Today there's really only the one small part of a building left, though there's still some bits of foundation at the bottom of the cliff, behind those cedars on the right.  I'll go back sometime and get more information so I can do a proper post on the history of the falls.

All the snow which had returned to cover the fields, as I shared in yesterday`s photos, is gone again.  A warm day with rain and it feels like spring.  This is the first year I've really come to recognize the yo-yo winter.  Will this be our future?


  1. Beautiful waterfall. Yes, this is our future -- unfortunately.

  2. You and your waterfalls! Love the Inglis falls in late winter and look forward to seeing them in summer as well. :-)

  3. Hello, pretty series on the waterfalls. I hope you have a happy day!

  4. the falls are beautiful - i see a little bit of color within them!! this must be nice to view during winter, i am running out of good spots!!!

  5. A lot of water power captured in your photos.

  6. Beautiful falls and doesn't it look cold!!!

  7. Wow! What impressive falls! It does look cold.

  8. These are beautiful falls. I am glad I scanned backwards to see what I have been missing. I really like the water formations coming down those rocks.