Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Early Look at the Garden

On the third big swing of the weather yo-yo we had two and a half days of quite mild temperatures again and rain that washed all the snow away.  This morning it was sunny and almost warm, so I went out to get some early before-the-season pictures of the garden.  Unbelievably the snow was all gone, even in the shade of the trees.

My favourite view in our garden, down the old fencerow past the deck chairs where I sometimes eat lunch in the summer.  Almost all the garden you can see in the foreground will be Hostas come late spring.

Beyond that area the garden becomes a little more diverse, still lots of Hostas along the old stone fence, but Day Lilies and quite a few other plants closer to the lawn.

Even the old stone fencerow was free of snow.  It usually holds some white patches for a long time.

The main flower garden, filled with Day Lilies in the foreground, and Peonies in the background, along with a lot of other flowers back in front of the fence.

Another angle on the main flower garden, the Boxwood getting a little too big and unwieldy compared to those neat clipped Boxwood hedges you see in English gardens!

One of our garden ornaments, held in place against the cedar rail fence by the tangled vines of a Clematis with deep purple blooms in late summer.

Beyond that are the main veggie beds, mostly to be used for Garlic this year.  My very healthy Rhubarb patch shows up as a patch of darker mulch in the back right corner, in front of the fence,

This is the scree garden, our attempt to create an alpine habitat, used to stabilize a slope beside the house, another of my favourite corners.  I can't believe I built that wall of railway ties 18 years ago!

And finally the (now dry) waterfall, finished last fall, but all those corners betwe4en the rocks yet to be planted with Hostas and ferns.

Meanwhile, the temperature plunged about 10°C over 5 hours starting after lunch today, accompanied by a lot of fierce winds as the cold front went through.  Now we're back to light snow flurries, and projected freezing weather for at least another week, the 4th bounce of our yo-yo weather!


  1. The old apple trees and the stone wall certainly are photogenic, they make a beautiful part of the garden.

  2. The railway ties remind me of my aunt and uncle's old place.

    We've still got snow around on the ground, and we had very brooding skies before twilight with the cold, so I'm sure that cold front's coming through here as well. The ice on the Canal is starting to look weak though.

  3. It's incredible how quickly the snow disappeared. Winter is not finished yet though!

  4. I love the first shot with your colourful deck chairs! I can imagine it in summer with all the greenery. It would be interesting to do some comparison shots in a post.

  5. Yup, that's yo-yo weather, all right. I love the pictures of your garden and look forward to seeing it in all its glory. Soon! :-)

  6. The weather is like that all over the place. Snow in the forecast for Sat here.
    Before you know it the garden will all be in bloom. Great water feature!!

  7. Glad you got a reprieve from the cold weather.

  8. Looking at this, seeing your chairs again, and knowing that in some weeks all will be in plants and flowers again, nature at its most fickle, then beauty emerges. This gives a wonderful idea of how large and wide your garden really is. A lot to look after, I am sure the winter months are a thankful restful time for you.

  9. A big change from your recent snowy photos! You can really see your garden shape with nothing in it. Love the look of that old stone wall. We too have a wall of railway ties beside our driveway. They badly need replacing now as they are rotting away.

  10. The garden is beautiful even now, but hope to see it with growing things....

  11. a beautiful garden - those chairs are calling your name!!!

  12. Your bones of the gardens are so great to see. It will be so great to have it all green up and fill out .