Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Coast Guard Boats

I was interested in seeing the two Coast Guard boats on on the dock in Meaford last week, and would really like to know more about how they spend their time over the summer.  They have a crew of four, and their main work is search and rescue, I believe for all of Georgian Bay.

There is a fence that stopped me wandering too close, but a zoom lens gave me a good impression of what the Captain would see looking out of the cabin.

They will be launched and staffed again for the season in just a few weeks.  Canadian Coast Guard ships are unarmed and have no 'policing' function, unlike those of some nations, including the U.S., but there have been proposals to arm the ships in the Arctic.

These are a standard design ship of the Cape class, 36 of which are based across Canada.  The colour scheme is intended as a reminder of the Canadian flag, and is the same on all Canadian Coast Guard ships, all the way up to the large polar icebreakers.

I'm sure these are loaded down with electronic equipment, including several radio services, satellite GPS, a loudhailer, and other gear to help in search and rescue.

Elsewhere the summer sailboats are all still up on land waiting for the end of any danger from ice, along with all the floating docks here.

The floating docks in the well-protected inner harbour stay in the water for the winter, because there is no wave disturbance here.

There is currently one ship in the water, over on the other side of the harbour.  It must have a strong enough hull to winter the ice, though it is docked in a sheltered corner.

Sometimes I wish I knew more about boats and ships; they have always intrigued me.


  1. Love those vessels. They do such important work from coast to coast to coast.

  2. I would love to see one of them...get to climb on board I guess you would say.

  3. If you're interested here's more information
    It appears the two vessels that you have a picture of their Home port is not at Meaford Ontario
    If you go to the Canadian Coast Guard website look under (fleet) find (active vessel) will list all Coast Guard vessel's on (active duty)
    It will also list their duty station
    CCGS CAPE Providence

    Also give you a little more information
    if you see a freighter remember its name
    then go to A website called ships Finder. On the top you will see the word vessel click on it,, it'll drop down to a box, enter the ships name (caution there may be more than one vessel by that name) The vessels name will appear or a list of vessels by that name
    You'll just have to search by clicking on that name that pops up
    You can test it by looking up the name ALGORAIL
    It is a Self Discharging Bulk Carrier
    As of this evening it was in the port of Goderich, Ontario
    Also once you find a ship on the map you could move the map anywhere you want if you see A Dot click on it it'll reveal the name of the ship maybe with a photo,, you could move that map anywhere in the world
    Have fun An enjoy

  4. I forgot to tell you to cut and paste
    You may have to cut and paste or just enter in Canadian Coast Guard,, otherwise cut and paste this website


  5. Your photography is excellent, FG. Beautiful looking boats - and fascinating. If boats have characters, these reassure; they are trustworthy, reliable. So much ice!!!

  6. Hello, beautiful boats and a wonderful series of photos. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day

  7. Great photographs of fantastic boats.

  8. I just read another post about ice boats in the strait around Prince Edward Island. Boats are fascinating. I enjoyed your pictures very much. :-)

  9. The blues and reds are stunning...

    I liked your Winter Queen post. I've seen an original illustration of the palace and amazing gardens,it must have looked splendid!

  10. Such power. The Coast Guard is getting budget cuts under #45, so wonder how this will affect the program up your way.

  11. Those coast guard boats are very nice looking.

  12. they are beautiful ships!! i have mad respect for the coast guard - my husbands brother is in the coast guard!!

  13. Nice looking boats and don't they go well with the bright blue sky. : )