Thursday, December 17, 2015

December Skies

I complain too much about our dreary, gloomy grey December days.  The skies are usually featureless and dull.  But earlier this week I woke to grey skies that were at least interesting!!

Don't you just love these lumpy bumpy skies, with just a touch of leftover pinkish sunrise?

The clouds, blowing across the sky fast, had me wondering what sort of day we would have.

But the neat clouds passed over fast, and the sky started settling down to a plain grey.

Before too many minutes were passed, we were back to dull grey featureless December skies.  I finished my coffee, my blog reading, and moved on to see how the day would unfold.

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  1. Much more interesting than our dull, gray rainy skies here in Oregon.

  2. Those lumpy bumoy skies were fun! :-)

  3. Those lumpy, bumpy clouds were quite interesting!

  4. Interesting grey sky, I prefer the blue ones here though.

    1. Well George, i'm doing my best to enjoy this weather!

  5. those early skies are beautiful!!! we have been having unseasonal temperatures, it is predicted to be 65 degrees on christmas. crazy weather!! i know you dislike those gray skies!!!

  6. Yes, I do like those lumpy skies. Today we just have the plan gray ones here.

  7. Nice photos ! We had sunshine yesterday and the a bit is popping out from the clouds today . I do like dramatic looking sky's though ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  8. Much of mankind misses this blustery weather as they hurry inside to wrap and cook. I often think of those who are homeless and continually seeing this display across the ceiling of earth.