Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Walk in the Woods

For nearly two weeks now (apart from last week's cold snap), I've been out exploring and walking.  Each morning now the dog and I walk to the end of the road in our little subdivision, and head into the woods at the back of the neighbour's farm.  I get to watch the magic of May in the woods as nature wakes up, and the dog gets off her leash for a run.

Heading in  on the old tractor trail the only green seems to be the dark mossy boulders; buds aren't even swelling on the maples yet.

But once in the woods and looking around, there's a lot more green than a few days ago, like these leaves of the leeks, bright green in the morning sun.

And overnight it seems, the leaves of the Dogtooth Violets have popped out of the ground, though we haven't spotted a flower yet.  I think these are the single most common leaves on the forest floor in many deciduous woods around here.

The very first tree or shrub leaves to leaf out always seem to be the tiny seedlings of Pin Cherry, glowing red in the sun.

And those mossy boulders or stumps glow bright green when looking into the sun, here with their tiny sporophytes standing up straight.

Further on I discover a suspiciously grass-like plant which is actually a sedge, and it's in flower, another of the very earliest flowering woodland plants.

This is the tiny 'flower' of the Broad-leaved Wood Sedge, about 1/2 an inch tall.

Last year's wood ferns lie on the ground, having stayed green all winter under the snow.

And this year's fiddleheads are ready to uncurl.

The beech leaves which have clung to saplings all winter are still there, and shaking in the breeze.

But the long thin pointed buds of the beech haven't really begun to swell yet.

Meanwhile, Roxie has had a wonderful run through the forest, (she's mostly a nose on four legs), and waits patiently while I take pictures, her breath condensing in the cool morning air.

And looking through the woods as we head home I can see the promise of the next month in the green now popping up all over the forest floor.  The next three weeks are the most magic of the entire year in the woods here, and I will keep reporting on them, as the seasons in the valley unfold!


  1. Spring is very slowly showing itself. Roxie's a cutie.

  2. how pretty! bet your dog loves exploring the area

  3. Hi Furry....
    Nothing like a forest walk....great shots!
    Linda :o)

  4. It is such a beautiful scene when spring signs are showing up.

  5. Glad you've been able to get outside and enjoy the signs of spring.

  6. Looks like a wonderful walk! I love the fiddleheads starting to uncurl.

  7. Lovely, but Roxie, the best of all, with breath steaming, guess it was pretty cold out there.

  8. Our maple leaves are small and a beautiful light yellow-green. They look beautiful next to the darker evergreens on the hills. Roxie's breath shows it's still cold out your way. - Margy

  9. Wonderful photos ! Roxie is a pretty girl . I love walking through our valley woods to but I have to keep Miggs on the leash as we have fox and coyotes who aren't that timid with the dogs in the area . All the trees here are bursting with buds and seeds hanging , wild flowers are starting on the forest floors as well as in the fields ! The smell of it all is wonderful to the woods has a fresh earthy smell to it I like that . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  10. This is so wonderful. I've been waiting for spring to arrive in your valley, and now I have all your greenery to look forward to! :-)

  11. We are watching each of our perennials come bursting out of the ground. We've had some substantial rains in Texas, and the plants are thriving.

  12. Loved your comment about Roxie being a nose on four legs... Cute!!!!! Spring is Springing in your area. I found a not so joyful part of spring this past week. Was out WEEDING ---and somehow, now have an itchy rash.. Have no idea what I got into!!!!! YUK..... ha

    I have a 'heavenly' post today. Check it out --if you haven't yet.

  13. Lovely walkabout- and your Roxie is a pretty pup. Glad you are finding a bit of green.