Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Winter Fences

As you might guess, I'm seeing plenty of ordinary things as I drive around in search of frozen waterfalls and other scenery.  So here are a few of the interesting fences I've seen.  Ever since I started linking to the 'Good Fences' meme, I've been much more aware of the little things I see along the way like these.

I posted a picture of this fence in January, showing a really neat shadow, when we still hadn't accumulated much snow and you could see the fence in the distance.  Now it disappears in the snow fairly quickly as it heads west.

This fence is beside one of my favourite valley viewpoints, so I find myself there fairly often, and I like that small unused barn sitting in the middle of the field.  The stile is for the Bruce Trail.

And this is actually the same fence, taken in the opposite direction.

Here's another fence that disappears into the snow to the right.  And I know from last year that this will flood in April, and the fenceposts will be sticking up out of the water.  You could put together a series of seasonal pictures on just about any topic!

I've been intending to show a typical snowfence for those of my readers from further afield.  This was taken in December when winter was refusing to arrive.  It's glowing read in the light of an evening sunset.

And this is the same snowfence a few days ago, for most of its length only the posts sticking above the snow.  Put up properly they significantly reduce the drifting on the highway to the left.

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  1. Lovely photos . Looks like you had a nice day for searching for the ordinary . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  2. I just read today that the snow sticks on the side of the road up the Mt. Baker Highway, usually almost buried, are completely bare. The snowpack here is 22% of normal. I think I know where it all went! :-)

  3. I like the variations in light in these shots- and I notice blades of long grass and plants still coming up out of the snow.

  4. Amazingly beautiful. I can't even imagine that much snow.

  5. It is just so pretty seeing all your snow pictures.
    Our snow is back, we have a few inches now and it's supposed to continue through tomorrow.

  6. Great fence photos! The snow makes a great addition!

  7. It's been many a year since I saw a fence with a stile.

  8. Another interesting set of comparative photos. Looks as if you crawled over a fence or two to capture a couple of the photos.

  9. That type snow fence has been almost all replaced with orange mesh. Effective but no ambiance. Love the stile....makes me want to take of hiking, of course.