Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Stone Skipping Beach in Big Bay

On Labour Day weekend, with our daughter, her husband and our grandson, we headed up to Big Bay to check out the stone skipping beach on Georgian Bay.  We had a great time, with both our grandson and his dad enjoying trying to skip rocks for an hour.

It was a grey day this time; the clouds or sun make all the difference in the water of Georgian Bay.

This beach is pretty unique around here, entirely made up of flat stones, almost all just the right size for stone skipping.  The beach proudly proclaims itself the 'Stone Skipping Capital of Canada'.

Take a look at the endless supply of perfect stone skipping rocks!

Took dozens of pictures of course; here I managed to catch Jaxson with a stone still in mid-air.

Self-portrait on the beach in front of Georgian Bay.

Down at the end of the beach was a flock of seagulls, mostly sitting in the breeze and watching the bay.

And of course we walked out on the pier to see the crazy teenagers jump into that cold water.  You wouldn't catch me doing it!

But I thought the pattern of bumpers hanging from the pier was interesting.  It ended up being a great day outdoors in the fresh air, just what junior needed to wear off a little 4 year old energy!

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  1. Chucky stones are what my Nanna called them, when she lived near Glasgow, "I threw chucky stones in the Clyde" and your photo brings back that memory,. A super place for one 4 year old and those older, enjoyed by all I'm sure. Is snow near you yet? Cheers,Jean.

  2. What an unusual beach with those big flat rocks. It's usually hard to find them that make good skippers!

  3. Love all the perfectly flat rocks. Yup - stone skippers paradise!

  4. That is really unusual to see all those flat rocks. It would be a fun place to visit.

  5. Oh I love to skip stones. Those look PERFECT for skipping.

  6. A beautiful location, too. I'm sure my aunt has been up there. She's spent a lot of time in those parts and loves beach stone.

  7. I will have to take the boys over to Big Bay when they are up next. The perfect spot for skipping stones. Love the selfie :)

  8. The beaches of the Finger Lakes where I grew up had lots of good flat stones. I think my record was 17 hops.