Thursday, September 4, 2014

Georgian Bay Skies and Thornbury Harbour

After checking out the fishermen at the mouth of the Beaver, I turned left and explored the harbour a little.  A heavy-duty rock breakwater protects quite a large recreational harbour where people leave their boats docked for the summer.  It's especially popular with sailors.

This view looks west past the harbour entrance, marked by the green beacon - the Niagara Escarpment in the distance.

There were dark clouds onshore, but some bright blue sky over the bay.

I was surprised to find the bright blue reflection of the sky in this photo once I loaded it on the computer.

And looking onshore is the marina, with docking space for I don't know how many boats, most of them fairly large sailboats.  I can imagine that this place must be hopping with boats coming and going on summer holiday weekends.

No-one was around on a Tuesday, but it was interesting to walk down the docks and check out the boats.

Just a forest of sail masts in all directions, but the sails all under their wraps today.

This boater must keep things all neat and tidy.

I liked the looks of this kayak on the back of this boat.

And I was struck by how symmetrical the boats looked as you walked by them on the dock.  I'm not a boater myself, but it's always interesting to visit a harbour.

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  1. What a lovely spot. I love those boats with the sails down, all their poles standing in the air. Neat.

  2. I'm envious. The Bay and the harbour look quite appealing.

  3. So many beautiful boats....... and so few of them being used and enjoyed. I've heard it said by a boating friend that the more money people spend on their boats the less time they spend on them. Seems to be a lot of money standing around there.

  4. Your pictures remind me what a truly gorgeous province we live in.

  5. Nice. We have a couple of towns where sailboats are the primary yacht of choice. They make great pix.

  6. Its all looks so idyllic with the clear water, blue skies, boats, streams and fishermen. I love it....:)

  7. Such a beautiful area. Great shots.