Monday, September 8, 2014

Late Summer Flowers in the Meadow

The flowers that appear over the summer in our meadow (and lots of other old fields or roadsides around here) are another measure of the changing seasons.  In some ways these ones seem more 'real' than the ones we cultivate in our garden.  After all, they grow, bloom and reseed themselves with no assistance at all!

This is a Nodding Thistle along the roadside, a species that I don't often see around here.  We usually get the taller, multi-branched Canada Thistles.

There's still lots of Queen Anne's Lace around.  I like the view  from underneath against the sky.

There's still some Chicory blooming along the road; a rich blue if you catch in the early sun.

The New England Aster is now in bloom along one of our trails, perhaps the richest colour of our meadow flowers.

And there are Small White Asters all over the place at the moment.

A few Daisy Fleabane with their very fine blossoms.

And this is definitely not one of my favourite meadow flowers - the dreaded burdock.  But in fact if you catch it in bloom, the blossom is actually quite pretty.

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  1. Beautiful.... I think I told you that we went on a Day Trip last Friday to the Smokies... I saw TONS of wildflowers --some similar to yours. I'll actually do a post soon showing some of them... Love your Asters---all of those different colors..

  2. I'm very fond of wildflowers and these are some of the loveliest photos I've seen recently. Thanks so much for sharing. Our privilege to be in Canada (different provinces though) for short times this summer.

  3. There is nothing quite like the flowers that grow wild in the meadows and grasslands. These are quite beautiful.

  4. Nice to see there's still flowers blooming in your area. Thanks for sharing!

  5. these are so beautiful. i am enamored with the thistle.

  6. My favourite has to be the chicory.

  7. Gee when you look at the incredible beauty of all these blooms that thrive and flourish without any interference from humans you wonder why we don't just plant them in our gardens and encourage pollinators and other critters in the process. Nice job!

  8. Lovely! The aster is Calico Aster. We don't seem to have much burdock here, maybe it doesn't like sand. It was sure everywhere where I grew up.

  9. asters, purple....the blooms are really beautiful!!! that's a great image of the queen annes lace!!!

  10. I enjoyed your meadow and roadside flowers of fall. The burdock flower is very pretty.