Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Markdale Hospital Announced!!

The Minister of Health for Ontario, Dr. Eric Hoskins, visited our small rural town today, for a very long-awaited announcement - that the government will build a new hospital here in Markdale.

This has been a long time coming, and will be VERY welcome news to the many local people who have worked on the campaign to get a new hospital, and on fund-raising for it.  The fund-raising work began 12 years ago, and the local community (of about 10,000 spread through two small towns and 3 rural townships), raised $12 million quite quickly.  That's over $1000.00 for every man, woman and child in the area!

An article in the Owen Sound Sun Times provides more information.  You can rest assured that a lot of local people will be celebrating tonight.

For readers from other countries, including the United States, our health care system here is paid for through tax dollars.  Our taxes may be higher than other places, but once you've paid them, health care is free to everyone.  Our hospitals are all public, and are organized in a hierarchy from small local hospitals in communities like this, to major medical centres in large cities.  Rural residents have to travel to larger centres for any specialized tests or care, but basic care is available throughout the province.

Deepest thanks to all local residents who have worked over the years to make this possible.


  1. That is awesome! What a great community to raise $12 million for your new hospital. Our small rural hospitals in NB are almost closed and just down to being medical centres with limited hours in some of the communities and we don't have the money to support nurses and doctors here so it's a bad situation. Congrats to you and your community!!

  2. I can't tell you how great it is to have a hospital here in the community. So very happy for you and your community for a great achievement.

  3. Your health care system is to be envied -- even if so many people south of you don't want to admit that fact.

  4. What an amazing community to raise the additional funding for the hospital. I so appreciate the medical care you have in your nation. Many could learn from a nation that cares for all its citizens.

  5. Congrats! Here, it seems to be all about closing small hospitals and making everyone travel to large centers.