Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Ice Storm

We were lucky compared to places further south, where the ice storm led to widespread power outages from fallen branches and trees.  Here there is only 3-4 mm of ice on the branches; we received mostly sugary snow and ice pellets, about 4-6" worth, a challenge for the snow blower to handle, because it's so heavy, but much better than ice!

Never-the-less, the pines out front had a serious coating of ice - not enough to break branches, but hanging heavily down.

Numerous twigs like this silver maple were coated, usually on the east or upper side, but not too heavily.

The birch out front had a coating of ice that made it look like a heavy frost.

And the old dry lilac seeds caught the ice in lumps.

The 6 foot tall ornamental grass was bent over right to the ground.  All in all, although we just stayed home today, we got off lightly.  Hopefully the rest of the week will see nicer winter weather return - and hydro repairs completed quickly where they're needed.


  1. We got ice too - slippery but beautiful! Lovely photos!

  2. Glad you got off lightly! You illustrated the weather beautifully here. Down here in our part of Massachusetts, we had a 60 degree F. day. I was uncomfortably muggy. I don't know what's up!

  3. Love the grass picture. Ice is so beautiful, but really problematic

  4. I am glad to hear it was not as bad in Grey and Bruce as in the south. We got pictures from friends in Kitchener-Waterloo of fallen trees on car or blocking the road.

  5. We had rain but today it turned cold and we got a some snow coming down. Nothing sticking yet though.