Friday, December 27, 2013

Snow Just Keeps Accumulating

It's been a cold and snowy December, with no thaw to reduce the snow.  And we just keep getting a little more almost every day, sometimes quite a bit, last night just a couple of inches of white fluff.  The snow we have compacts, but more is added, so it stays 18" - 24" deep.  And with the little bit of freezing rain last weekend, still coating twigs with ice, the snow is sticking to the trees.

One of the old apple trees along the fencerow.

 What are usually large moss-covered boulders, now scarcely visible under the snow.

A wild apple in the overgrown meadow next door, 
their many short twigs seem to hold the snow in bunches.

 Another old apple tree along the fencerow, this one with a few frozen apples still onboard.

 The old trail through a patch of woods across the road.

Snow-covered maples.

And some of the snow-draped spruce on yesterday's ski trails.

Hope you're all enjoying winter!


  1. There's just something so beautiful and serene about snow-laden trees. Very nicely done!!

  2. Gorgeous! But it looks very cold!

  3. I LOVE winter, I LOVE snow. We have had three wonderful snows so far. All on the weekend, only a few inches and it all melted, so no cleanup was required!!

    Your pictures are just lovely!!

  4. I AM enjoying winter and find it so refreshing to find another blogger who can think of something else to say besides "It looks cold." ;)) These photos are beautiful!

  5. Gorgeous wintry scenes..It looks very cold though!! Have a happy weekend!

    Wishing you all the best in 2014 and a Happy Healthy New Years!

  6. We have had the same conditions. However it's sunny and 37 today. I like the way the snow looks on the branches, and different trees are different too.

  7. It snows a bit everyday here too not huge amounts but enough. Your snow is way prettier than mine:)

  8. Beautiful pictures! I'm missing these scenes. Here, it's snow and rain the whole time, so we can't have steady snow at all. It's warm and snowless. First time it happened during my 5-year stay in the norhtern hemisphere. I envy your lots of snow. I hope we'll be having real lots of snow these coming months. Thanks for your photos.

  9. Gorgeous captures! Greetings from Montreal.