Monday, December 23, 2013

The Church of Our Lady Immaculate, Guelph

The Church of our Lady is one of the landmarks of Guelph, built on the highest hill in the city (which was built on a drumlin field).  The site was given to the church by John Galt, the founder of Guelph, in 1827, but construction of the present church didn't start until 1877.  It is a simply glorious church!

The twin towers of the front are known all over Guelph, visible from a number of roads when you head into town because it's so high.  I've seen the towers from a favourite hike we used to do about 10 miles south of town.  They've undertaken a major restoration of the church over the past several years, slowing repairing stonework, cleaning the stained glass windows and repainting.

My dentist's office (the reason for the trip to Guelph) sits across the street, so when I arrived early and it was such a beautiful sunny, blue-sky day, I couldn't help taking a few pictures.  All these stained glass windows look amazing from the inside!

I particularly like the architecture of the apse at the back, with it's numerous alcoves and more glorious windows.

 Tomorrow, the night before Christmas, a look inside.

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  1. I have often admired it from the outside. I should go in when I next have an opportunity. As usual, your photos are beautiful.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous... I assume it's Catholic... Looks similar to some of the beautiful cathedrals in our country.. We visited the National Cathedral in Washington DC --which reminds me of this one you have shown. The National Cathedral is Episcopalian though.

    Merry Christmas.

  3. What an incredible Church. Looking forward to the look inside.

  4. Wow- I guess I've probably seen it from afar as we were in Guelph in 1999. I bought a small sundial there as a souvenir of that trip (we did the Agawa Canyon train and went some other places)

  5. Years ago, while taking an art cource at UofG, I wrote a paper on the Church and its history. Very classically situated, overlooking the Town Hall and market down the hill. I also had a chance to attend a concert there and enjoy the accoustics. Beautiful.

  6. Gorgeous pictures of this magnificent church!