Friday, December 20, 2013

Snow, Sleet, Freezing Rain and Ice!

It's all forecast this weekend.  A very unwelcome blast of southern air is blowing through southern Ontario and eastwards to the Maritimes, disrupting our nice winter weather and bringing the threat of a major ice storm.  Travel plans are cancelled for many just before Christmas.

On the other hand, we have a couple of beautiful sunny days in December, and LOTS of snowfall.  This is one of my favourite corners to watch for a big snow drift which forms as the wind drops down off the hill.

Just around the neighbourhood the pines have been loaded heavily with the white stuff, nice if you get it against the background of a blue sky.

 Spruce catch the snow just as well; these just down the road.

I caught this maple still holding on to a lot of its leaves beside a cedar rail fence along the lower valley road today.

The snow has been piling up on our back deck.  I missed one day of shovelling it and 4 more inches were added to the 6 inches already there, the snow curled over the railing.  We have a glass railing, so I use small hawk silhouettes to prevent the birds who come to the feeder from crashing.

The whole yard has been looking white.  On the level it's 18-24" deep, great for snowshoeing.  And I heard today that the new trails for cross-country skiing are open.  I need to get out more!

But this was what I followed home today for quite a distance.  A day misty with snow and fine ice particles, and the plows out in full force keeping the main roads open.  The worst freezing rain is forecast for tomorrow; here's hoping it stays a little further south and we just get snow!

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  1. It sure looks beautiful there. And it's all coming here for the weekend. I love the first photo.

  2. What a beautiful wintry scene. So stunning!

  3. I am bracing myself for what is coming our way tonight apparently; I hope people know enough to stay home.

  4. I really love the snow drift image, the shadow and light play is just beautiful! Stay warm.

  5. Okay, you have bigger snow plows than we do. : )
    We have crazy warm weather and all the snow is gone!! 50 degrees and supposed to rain. I was so hoping for a white Christmas up here. Maybe it will turn cold and all the rain will turn into snow!
    Your snow pictures are beautiful!!

  6. I do hope it came as snow and not as rain. Rain is awful in our climate at this time of the year.

  7. Supposed to get nasty here too, but it hasn't started yet. The problem with all these weather advisories is that when things aren't all that bad people start ignoring them.

  8. Gorgeous winter shots! But then I really like winter, especially with that bright blue sky. The bad weather is bypassing us fortunately. But it is unseasonably warm. I don't like that.