Sunday, December 8, 2013


On that warm day we had recently, with our snow almost gone, I was trying some after-dark 'light painting' shots out by the fencerow (that's another post).  In my flashlight the lichens on the apple tree and the rocks stood out dramatically.  So the next day I went out to get some shots before winter returned (which it has).  Here are a few of the results.

My favourite lichen-covered boulder in our fencerow.

And a close-up.

 Another one; they all seem to grow in circles.

And a close-up of the centre of the above shot.

Another one, this one growing on an old wooden beam.

 Two different lichens on a boulder that is strangely bare of the dark weathering on all the others.  I only wish I could learn to identify these.

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  1. I never paid much attention to lichens until I got a camera that could take good macros. At last I could really see them in all their intricate amazements of shape and color. Thanks for showing these to us.

  2. I like the lichen ;) These are fantastic when enlarged, beautiful patterns!
    In answer to your question. "What kind of lens do you use". For my backyard critters, I use my Canon EF-S 55-250mm.

  3. That's an interesting set of photos. I couldn't identify any of them either!

  4. Apparently lychens are susceptible to air pollution. This is good news to see them doing so well.

  5. Beautiful photos! I love lichens.

  6. Great macros!
    Amazing what can been seen if a person takes the time to stop and look closely
    Have a wonderful week!

  7. Love those! I've only learned to ID a few lichens. Need to get at it!

  8. It's fascinating stuff, isn't it? Ours is under a carpet of snow today.

  9. Mystical structures and beautiful macors.

  10. They make interesting pictures!!
    I keep forgetting to tell you about the 'big' snow plows. I know they weren't all that big and there are huge ones with the split plow that the state and county come by with. But I thought they were pretty big for our little town of just over 300 to have. : )

    BTW - My husband Ken tried to reply to your comment you left on his blog but for some reason blogger isn't letting him. He was pretty frustrated because he can't reply or even even leave a comment on his own blog!!

  11. I like lichen. It's such an interesting life form. Nice shots!