Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Sunny Breaks

We seem to get a lot of grey days in November and December, but after Christmas morning dumped our 15" of fresh snow, the snow squalls did blow east, and the sun came out, at least briefly.  Nothing like fresh snow, bright sun and blue skies!

It didn't last long, but the view out back sure looked nice for awhile with those blue skies.

The snow had accumulated heavily on the big spruce trees.

And blowing from the west, it had stuck to the trees down the old fencerow.

I even dug out my trusty smallest snowshoes and the mukluks, and headed out to refill the bird feeders.  I'm beginning to get tired of grey squirrels though!

Our Celtic fish kept an eye on me as I went by.

This place is such a change from our last home, but it's growing on us, and the view out back, as well as the community of friends, is a highlight.


Feeling like a blogging celebrity tonight.  Went for my short little walk around the cul-de-sac, getting a bit of fresh air and at least stretching my legs, even if not getting any exercise.  Out came a tall gentleman a lot younger than myself, a complete stranger, from a home that obviously had guests for Christmas, and introduced himself - he knew who I was!  He'd recognized me walking by.  In fact he introduced himself as 'my biggest fan'.  Apparently he discovered my blog sometime, and now finds it keeps him in touch with home here, while he's actually living in Tennessee!  His wife came over to see who I was, and when she was introduced, I think she was the one who said 'Oh, you're a celebrity!'.  First time I've ever been stopped in the street and met a new blog reader, so welcome Jason and Laura-Beth, hope you continue to enjoy it and perhaps we'll meet again when you're home visiting.


  1. Friends, so special, and to think they found you "here". Beautiful spruce tree, and that amount of snow, please take care not to have to heave yourself out of any deeper stuff!!

  2. We all write our posts for a number of reasons.
    1 to act as a diary so we can use it to recall things that our brain won't.
    2 to keep our families at ease when we are traveling so they'll know we are okay.
    3 to share our experiences with like minded people.
    4 to meet some of those like minded people.
    5 to make our lives an open book with the world.
    If someone dreams of being a celebrity by starting a blog it's News to me.
    If someone approaches you and are willing to hold you to such a high standard just except it with a Thank You because you are we'll deserving.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Great, FG. I am glad you received the recognition!

  4. I once walked into a local store and somebody recognized me from my blog. That's about as famous as I've been. It is an interesting thing to find total strangers read my blog, I guess it's the same for you. It's a good feeling, for me anyway. :-)

  5. How wonderful. I also wonder what part of Tennessee he is living in...I am from East Tennessee.

  6. i always knew you were famous! How nice of him to come and introduce himself.
    It is amazing when we discover who reads our blogs.
    Pretty snow pictures and I'm glad you had snowshoes!

  7. Hello, your snowy photos are lovely. A gorgeous winter wonderland. That is cool you are a famous blogger! Sounds like you have great neighbors too, that is awesome. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  8. Well, that was cool you being a celebrity. Nice neighbours. I am enjoying your views through your lens.

  9. Aah, this is just how snow should look!

  10. first off, you have an amazing new view and 2nd - how cool is being recognized!! i was recognized once also, at a balloon festival and it felt really good!!!

    beautiful images!!!

  11. Such beautiful snowy pictures.
    What a neat way to meet someone who reads your blog.

  12. How joyful! I usually argue with neighbours!

  13. The lake effect must have an influence on you- we've had sun since the 26th.

    I have occasionally met people in the street who have recognized me because of the blog.

  14. My kids keep track of my blog and then never call. I have others that follow because they are keeping track of Iowa the state. It is a good way to write and publish and you don't have an editor glaring over your shoulder. These photos too are really great.

  15. Love blue sky and snow! Nice that someone knew your blog!