Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ice at the Falls

There were a few really interesting ice formations at Inglis Falls yesterday which I tried to photograph.  They were a fair distance away across the falls, but here they are.

I find ice around waterfalls another of those ephemeral bits of beauty that nature provides, whether we notice or not.

 They're right in the centre of this picture, across the valley.

One part consisted of these straight icicles - look how the ones on the left curve at the bottom.

The other part was more mounds of ice cascading over the edge.

Up at the top, viewed from the other side, part of the falls was totally frozen.

And down near the bottom where the water plunges between the boulders there were more interesting shapes of ice.  I think Country Gal's comment yesterday about the lens being fogged may explain my frustration with the focus.  I must keep a closer eye on that.


I cannot write tonight without acknowledging the tragic deaths of worshippers in Quebec City.  Somehow this has affected me more than other recent massacres of innocents.  Perhaps it was the cowardly act of shooting those who were praying in the back.  Perhaps it is the very stressful awareness of rapidly changing political norms in the world today, of which this act seems to be a symptom.

Ironically, I was giving a lecture today on how the Enlightenment developed in the mid-1700's, that period when society rebelled against the absolute power of monarchs and the wealth of the upper class, and promoted the modern values of freedom, equality and tolerance.  And of course both the American Revolution and the French Revolution emerged directly out of that period.  Here in Canada, our country was built on tolerance between the English and the French communities that made up the nation 150 years ago, and that tolerance has for the most part continued.

I cannot fathom politicians or citizens who want to go backwards, to be less tolerant, and create societies where we are less equal.  At the moment those worshippers in Quebec City paid the price.  But I now worry deeply about where our society is headed.


  1. Spectacular ice formations!

    I have had that on my mind today. The flags are at half mast downtown, and rightfully so.

  2. The fine textured icicles in the first few photos are spectacular and something I've never seen.

    Unfortunately, the Enlightenment seems to be endangered these days, especially so in my own country. Many of us are embarrassed by the new President and ashamed of what the U.S. is becoming.

  3. How beautiful!!! Reminds me of a limestone cave.

    Thank you. I will be checking in now and then just not blogging as much.

  4. Parts of the frozen water look like matted blobs of wool on a very old ram!!! Beautiful icicles. And tragedy, how can we cope with these events. Heartfelt thoughts with you all up North.

  5. The icicles are stunning.

    I feel the same as you about the mass shooting in Quebec. I haven't been able to express it yet. I am glad you did!

  6. Beautiful photos!
    It is sad, people are getting more violent as time goes on, instead of learning to live peacefully.

  7. Those icicles almost look like creatures in some of your pictures. I love the pretty ones that flute out at the bottom. And I too am very concerned about the direction of society today. I'm glad I have the perspective of others to help me make sense of things.

  8. There's nothing prettier than frozen waterfalls! All that white color will often throw off the exposure meter in your camera so I tend to overexposed my shots in these conditions.

  9. Your Photos continue to astonish those of us that are just starting to get back to the beauty of nature.
    As you mentioned, it is a sad day when Society regresses the way it has been dong in the recent past.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

  10. It does look beautiful and maybe a bit dangerous?

  11. Beautiful photos . It is sad when the influences of hatred Trumps the influences of good ! I pray that all this doesn't start world war three ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  12. The frozen water is absolutely beautiful.
    It is indeed sad to hear of this tragic event.

  13. You do find wonderful things to photograph. I hope the wonders of natures will give you solace even in the dark times that seem to be engulfing us all. Our MPs in London just voted to give the go ahead for Brexit. Such a dreadful mistake. I am one of the 48%.

  14. Those formations are great. It reminds me of the Niagara Falls in winter on a small scale. It is amazing how the water keeps running down the falls and it has to go somewhere as it freezes in front of itself.

  15. I would call that 4th photo from the top 'Old Man's Whiskers'. I too wonder about where this society is headed. Mankind's future is not looking very hopeful at the moment......

  16. The most scary aspect of modern society is the rise of right wing populism. It is truly frightening.