Saturday, January 14, 2017

Winter Barns

On that sunny drive just a week ago I collected quite a few barn pictures, so you're going to have to put up with more of my rural countryside photos.  At least it was a beautiful winter day.

I'm only aware of three barns within quite a distance to have this unusual clerestory barn roof shape.  I have no idea what the advantage of this would be in a barn.  Any ideas?

This is a simple older barn down the valley aways, but it doesn't appear to be used at all, at least during the winter.  It's well cared for though.

And this is the barn at a local horseback-riding establishment a few roads away.

It's a big old barn, and being well used and cared for.  The entire western end was replaced this fall.

Did you notice the horse looking out the door in the first picture?

On the other hand, a little shed down in the field is defintiely not doing so well!

On the other hand, I'm doing well; the vision is slowly improving - or else I'm learning to squint closely at the computer screen.  The house seems quiet suddenly though.

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  1. Blue skies and white snow make for stunning backdrops for these old barns. I loved seeing these old barns.

  2. Quiet, yes I know how that can be , and when you come in the door from outside, so still. Thoughts with you. The roof, maybe to let strong smells out without snow or rain coming in. Your photos are stunning, and wonderful camera settings to get those colours so true.

  3. I love barn pictures and even more so in the snow.
    Beautiful photos. Hope your eye is improving!!

  4. I had to squint to find the horse. The blaze on it's face looked like snow at first glance. - Margy

  5. Good to hear that your vision is improving. Barns are so photogenic. The clerestory roof was probably to vent the heat that builds up in stored hay if the hay's not absolutely dry when it's stored; whether it was needed or not, or really of any benefit, is another question.

  6. Love the old barns, look so barren in the winter.

  7. HI Furry....
    Always enjoy your barn pictures...I take a lot thru the window in our drive to the cottage....
    Sorry about your Dog can't be easy...🙁
    Linda :o)

  8. Lovely photos .I am soo sorry for your loss of Roxie I had no idea as I didn't see your Thursday post . Glad your eye is doing well and getting better . I noticed your followers are missing from your side bar to it is there just cant see it same here oh well blogger and google must be doing something . Thanks for sharing , again sorry for your loss .

  9. Beautiful photos! I love how the barns, trees and fences stand out against the snow and blue sky. I'm glad your eye is improving.

  10. Great wintery shots with all kinds of barns. And no, I didn't see the horse the first time. So glad to hear you're gradually getting better. :-)

  11. I love your photos...I could look at photos like this all day.

  12. Nice barns. So beautiful in the snow. Last ones a little sad.

  13. The blues and whites in those first three shots are magnificent. I especially love the folds of snow along the bottom edge of the 3rd one. Very nice barn with the horse in the doorway. Brought back memories of Sam, a horse I kept for the last 8 years of his life. He was a thoroughbred and had been raced - a miserable existence, but at least he lived out the last years of his life in better circumstances. Boarded him at a wonderful barn in Ste. Agathe des Monts (Laurentian mountains of Quebec). Beautiful spot at the top of a golf course.