Sunday, January 29, 2017

More Winter Barns

I've pulled together a few barns for today's post.  Some quite interesting structures here, each with their own story.  Hope you all had a good weekend.

A large busy active farm, and obviously the home of a quilter.  I don't think I've shared this quilt barn before.

Another big active farm, probably a dairy farm by the look of those silos.

This on the other hand is a sad case.  Every time I go by I wonder how long it will stand.

These two are taken while it was snowing, a fair ways northwest of here, down a rural road I rarely drive.  A big barn!

This one was really interesting, with that clerestory roofline.  Quite tricky to get a picture of too, with all the trees along the road.

A good example of forgetting my camera settings.  Still had it set at a high ISO for indoor pictures.   I adjusted it in Lightroom, but you still end up with that ridiculous turquoise sky.

I shared this barn in the fall.  I saw them starting to work on it, and feared they were going to demolish it.  So I drove in and asked the farmer if I could take a few photos.

Turned out the farmer has just bought this farm after it had sat vacant awhile, and they were starting work on it to house his cattle.  Those cement pillars look a lot more secure than the flimsy cedar posts in the first photo!

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  1. Love the barns. Lots of great ones here too.

  2. The fourth photo is my favorite!
    And the old barn falling down - a common sight here.
    So glad the other barn is being restored

  3. My pick is #1 with a quilt on the front wall.And those blue skies, always a lovely backdrop for the white stuff.

  4. Such a range of barns. A quilt barn??! Hmm. You do take excellent photos - I just point and click. Kind of.

  5. beautiful barns, i am drawn to barns. i like seeing quilt barns, they are rare around here. and how wonderful that they are working on the last one, it sure seemed it was worth saving, plenty of good barn left!!!

  6. I laughed at your description of why that sky is turquoise! Your eyes must be getting better, too. :-)

  7. I love seeing barn pictures --especially in winter. AND--for some reason, the 3rd from the bottom (the turquoise sky one) is my FAVORITE.... ha....

    We have gotten almost NO snow at all this winter... Bah.


  8. All such lovely photos . Every time I see the old falling apart barns I often think of the history of them and the stories they would tell if they could . I often imagine what it was like for them in the beginning and hope some one some day gives them life again , glad this barn in your post has a happy future now ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  9. I love the picture with the turquoise sky, like Betsy, it's my favorite.
    So nice to see all the winter barns, and I like the quilt barn!!

  10. Oh, wow, you have some wonderful barns. Love each one....but then I seldom see a barn I don't like.

  11. The clerestory barn is an interesting one. Our farm in southern Iowa had a similar barn but the proportions were the opposite as the main part was much wider and the small shed roof sides were smaller. I have read that ours was called a sheep barn style because one could feed the animals out each sides of the storage area. You have a nice collection of shots here.

  12. Beautiful barn pictures! They sure stand out in the snow!

  13. Wow, a good news story for an old barn.
    I've been on the lookout for quilt barns.

  14. These are some gorgeous barns. I'm a bit of a collector of barns too... looks like a trip to southern Ontario should be on my list!