Saturday, July 16, 2016

Flowers of the Field

Besides the flowers in our garden, which is now a mass of colour from the Day Lilies, we've got plenty of wildflowers out in the meadow and along the edge of the road.

One of my favourite, the beautiful blue Chickory, opening in the morning sunlight..

A pale yellow Cinquefoil.

And a Rose Mallow.

Undoubtedly the most common 'weed' in our garden, the Purple Vetch.  It sneaks through the other vegetation and appears on the top when you least expect it.

Two Thistles which have escaped my attention (and still do).

Our Brown-eyed Susans have sort of migrated across a corner of the meadow as they reseed themselves every year, but they're still plentiful.

 I usually let 3 or 4 Mullein stay where they grow in the garden, just to give them a chance.  They like to seed in bare soil.

And finally, Queen Anne's Lace, one of my mother's favourites.


  1. Love the wild flowers. Natural beauty!

  2. Nice collection of wildflowers! What a lovely thing to come home to.

  3. Every one so beautiful, maybe the thistle is my pick today, love that purple, and the focus.

  4. lovely colourful flowers, I recognize most of them :-)

  5. Lots of flowers there that are familiar to British readers. Nice pics.

  6. The wild flowers have their own patterns and areas of growth, but are still quite lovely in their way. Ours are called black-eyed susans and can be a real pain in their invasivness.

  7. Fabulous pictures! I Iust realized how few wildflowers I've been seeing in the High Country this year. Maybe we're too early because of all the snow. Thanks for yours. :-)

  8. The wild flowers are interestingly different.
    Thanks for sharing your Europe photos....looks like you had a great time!

  9. Beautiful wild flowers. I love the blue chickory. I see plenty of that around here but didn't know what it was. Thanks.

  10. pretty pretty
    we have many of the same flowers
    i love flower season

  11. Hi Furry!
    Your gardens are beautiful....weeds and all!
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)

  12. Nice pictures. We have a ton of thistles this year and I don't feel up to tackling them.

  13. They are amazing. I keep forgetting to write their names down somewhere. I'll just have to come back and visit you!!!!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  14. Lovely pictures of lovely flowers ...

    All the best Jan

  15. Lovely flowers! The thistles are very pretty even if they're weeds.