Sunday, August 24, 2014

Late Summer Flowers

There are a number of new flowers in bloom since I visited the garden with my camera nearly three weeks ago as the 'seasons in the garden' continue to unfold.  And some of these are favourites of mine.

Here is Helenium.  This striking flower looks best from underneath, with the sun shining through.  It's a fascinating mixture of colour, from yellow to orange to red.

And this is the view from above - what a difference! But with that red colour underneath, this is definitely one of my favourites.

One of our small yellow clematis vines now in bloom.

And we have quite a few coneflowers.  This one, about 5 feet tall and a light and airy plant, seems to spread well by seed - so much so that we dig it out of the main garden to prevent it taking over.  But there are now isolated splashes of this light yellow in several spots in the meadow.

This one, which at first glance looks almost the same, is quite a different plant, heavy and coarse, and nearly 8 feet tall.  We have three large clumps of it, but it has never spread at all from those clumps - the clumps just get larger.

An interesting close-up of the same plant.

I thought we had lost this red coneflower, but it was just later blooming, and is now looking bright under the apple tree.

And we have lots of the pink/purple varieties, which seem to spread a bit each year.  I thought the colour in the garden would be fading a bit into late August, but it really just changes as the season gets more like fall.

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  1. It is hard to believe that summer is almost over when it is still so hot here. Beautiful shots.

  2. Hi, The late summer flowers are always pretty... And you are correct: their colors are leading us into Fall and the Fall colors... Love it!!!

    My favorite today is that first one with its different colors... Gorgeous. We have a rose named About Face --which is one color on the underside --and when it opens, it is an entirely different color on the upper side.... NEAT!

  3. These are all really beautiful flowers. The first one is especially beautiful and interesting from underneath. I should try to remember that one to purchase.

  4. I always enjoy the late summer show of colour in the garden, mainly coneflowers, begonias and dahlias in my patch. But how nice to see your flowers which have cost me no effort at all!

  5. Summer seems to be over here, so this is a lovely splash of sunshine colour to cheer us up :)

  6. Beautiful colours and pretty blossoms!

  7. Beautiful flowers, and great pictures as well. My flowers are really looking sad with too much faucet water and not enough rain.

  8. I love the cone flowers. Have quite a few of them in my garden.
    Amazing that the first two pictures are of the same flower. Very pretty with their two tones.

  9. All your flowers are pretty, fantastic photos and texture.