Monday, July 21, 2014

Tree and Shrub Flowers

Earlier this spring I was struck by some interesting tree and shrub flowers.  When we visited Chantry Island there was a Chestnut Tree beside the beach in Southampton; the others are on our own property. 

Chestnut flowers are absolutely amazing as far as flowers go; this tree was heavily laden with fat spikes of blossoms.

A close-up shows some of the delicate beauty of the blooms.

Our neighbours have some hybrid poplar trees, so we also have 'poplar fluff', (which comes genetically speaking, from the Cottonwood tree, used in breeding the fast growing hybrids.  Briefly in late June the white fluff rains down, carrying the seeds.

Getting caught  on smaller trees, shrubs, and in the grass.  In places I've heard people describe it as 'snow'.  It's really a little white parachute attached to a tiny seed.

This Austrian Pine flower is strikingly different.  Pines have a variety of male and female 'flowers' that eventually develop the pine cones.

And finally a shrub, this one the Red Osier Dogwood.  I think I need to pay more attention to shrubs and get to know a few beside the common ones, and search out some other shrub flowers and berries to photography - maybe next year.


  1. Beautiful view of the tree-flowers - the first is a Horse-Chestnut - they bloomed in late May here in upstate NY.
    My grandparents had one and we used to play with the smooth nuts, which weren't really edible.
    We have found some American Chestnuts here along the Hudson that produce flowers in June, long white dangling clusters - amazingly they have survived the blight long enough to flower and produce sterile burrs.
    That's a great view of the little bundles of pine needles too.

  2. We see some of that white fluff here as well.

  3. When you take time to look closely, some of the trees and shrub blooms are amazing. I had noticed how attractive the chestnut flowers are, but not those of the Red Osier Dogwood, yet the latter are all around us. It is a case of "Though seeing, they do not see".

  4. I was lucky enough to capture some beautiful Chestnut blooms myself!
    They are fantastic!
    Our cottage had the "fluff" a few weeks ago....unfortunately it was stuck to our screened in sun porch!
    Not fun getting it all off! Hahaha!
    Great post Furry....
    Linda :o)

  5. Oh- I think that first one is Horse Chestnut. Love the Austrian Pine!