Friday, July 11, 2014

More Flowers

There are a lot of other flowers in bloom  in the garden at the moment too, but many more still to come.  We're just at a point where the colour scheme will shift from whites, pinks and blues to bright yellow.

We don't grow roses, but we do have one pasture rose bush that is covered in flowers right now.

Bleeding Hearts

We've had a lot of iris, especially these beautiful royal blue ones, along with white, deep purple and yellow, but they're just about over now.

The Vervain isn't a spectacular flower itself, but it's a magnet for butterflies and it adds a wonderful fragrance when you're nearby.  It self-seeds readily, so our original patch is now scattered plants through much of the garden.

White Foxglove
The first of many Brown-eyed Susan variations is in bloom.  In a week or two the garden will have shifted from white, pinks and blues to dominantly yellow with large patches of these or similar bright yellow flowers.

And the very first daylily to bloom, just a Stella Doro, but the forerunner of many bright blooms for weeks to come - just look at the buds on this other daylily ready and waiting!


  1. Gorgeous, particularly that royal blue.

  2. They are all gorgeous colors and blooms! Beautiful series of photos. Enjoy your new week!

  3. Very pretty flowers! (And nice photos too.)

  4. Intense colors! We are weeks ahead of you and into a cycle of hot days with thunderstorms in late afternoon.

  5. What a beautiful color of iris. The deer ate almost all the lily buds here. I usually at least have the day lilies. I'm pretty bummed out.