Monday, July 28, 2014

It's Butterfly Month Again

In the past two days (not counting today, which is cold and windy), I've seen 10 different species of butterflies in our garden.  No monarchs yet, but a good variety of others, and I got a reasonable picture of several.  Here are the highlights.

This bright orange fritillary was the highlight, though it didn't want to sit still for long.  If I'm reading the patterns on the wing correctly, this is an Aphrodite Fritillary.

This Mourning Cloak did sit still, ignoring me, but it wouldn't open it wings to reveal the beautiful inner pattern.

I caught this Red Admiral several times; here it's perched on a fencepost resting.

And here it's long proboscis was probing up and down into the florets of this Coneflower.

This one appears to be a Coral Hairstreak.  They're hard to tell apart, but this is the only one without a 'tail' on the hind wing.

This species, the Northern Pearly-Eye seems to haunt the shrubs and fencerow rather than the garden.  You have to examine the dots on these ones carefully to tell them apart.

And finally, here's a Clouded Sulphur hiding in the grass of our lawn - another one that doesn't like to sit still.  It's been a good two days for butterflies.  Now if only we'd see a Monarch visiting some of our Milkweed!

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  1. I've heard of monarchs here and there in other blogs. These ones are real beauties.

  2. I haven't seen any monarchs yet either.
    I saw a coral hairstreak on my cone flowers. Didn't know what kind it was though till I saw your picture. : )

  3. Nice captures of some real beauties.

  4. A fine collection to have found in your garden. The flowers are looking good too.

  5. O what a gorgeous variety of butterflies. Love the colours. The Mourning Cloak is especially fascinating.

  6. Nice collection! I saw another Aphrodite a couple of days ago too. A few Monarchs here, but lots of people are saying not nearly so many as normal.

  7. Hooray for butterflies! Nice photos.

  8. Beautiful species you have "caught"!