Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Eremurus - Foxtail Lilies

We are just coming in to the best season of the year in the garden, when the largest number of colourful flowers will be in bloom.  Our Foxtail Lilies, from the genus Eremurus, introduce this season with a bright bold statement.  The individual blooming florets work their way up from bottom to top, providing blooms for about two weeks.  They're bulbs which we only got last year and they seem to be doing very well!


  1. Wow- those are something! I'm not familiar with that flower.

  2. You have a wonderful garden. I love those Foxtail Lilies. They are showy both up close and at a distance.

  3. Those are beautiful! My own garden tends to go flat in the color department by mid-July and I've been thinking about what I can add to fix that- I will have to look in to these!
    And your garden looks wonderful- very welcoming!