Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Palisade Cliffs

To continue yesterday's hike, I thought the main trail would be right up on top of the cliff, but it wasn't; it followed the boulder slope at the base of those cliffs.  It was pretty spectacular in places!

The trail passed through a healthy patch of Bulblet Fern, bright green in the morning light.

And past Cedar trees growing directly out of tiny crevices in the limestone.

And then we came out to the open cliffs with dark lichen staining the otherwise light rock.

Another tiny fern, the Smooth Cliffbrake, that grows in tiny crevices and ledges on the cliff face.

Then we stepped through a  gap in the cliff, into a remarkable overhang creating a room known locally as the Devil's Playhouse - amazing rock formations.

And through this to a square room with vertical cliffs towering  60-80 feet straight above us.  You can pick out the pitons used by rock climbers on both the right and left.

This enormous block of limestone had separated from the main cliff, leaving a very narrow crevice.  Often these are much wider, letting you walk through between the walls of rock.

Polypody Fern on top of a mossy boulder down the talus slope - seemingly its favourite habitat.

And finally we ducked down beneath this overhanging rock, through the smaller crevice, and home.  A fascinating exploration.


  1. It's been too long since I've been able to hike along the escarpment. Beautiful pics!

  2. It looks similar to some of the escarpment around here. Amazing how those big old boulders/rocks and be there for so many years... Awesome!!!!! AND--isn't it amazing how trees/ferns can actually grow out of that rock?????

    Great hike... Thanks.

  3. What an awesome place! I saw bulblet fern yesterday, but don't think I've ever seen the Smooth Cliffbrake

  4. What a lovely walk! Thanks for taking us along. I love those cedars growing in between the rocks. Wonderful how nature finds a way to survive and co-exist.

  5. So Beautiful! I really enjoy seeing these walks you take us on.