Friday, July 25, 2014

And Daylily Season Too!

Although our garden started out mainly with Hostas, in recent years the Head Gardener has added a lot of daylilies, making our mid-summer garden much more colourful.  Once we discovered the amazing Artemesia Daylilies farm near-by, breeding their own new varieties, the colour in our garden started to explode.  So here are the bright oranges, reds and yellows that I promised you.

My favourite - Saugeen Sunrise

Jersey Spider

Calico Jack

Bright Lights

Long Stockings

Start Me Up

Across the Road


  1. I'm very envious of your of my favorite flowers. I love that Calico Jack. How jaunty!

  2. Love them --and love the names of yours. Ours have some crazy names also... We get ours from a nearby Daylily Farm called OAKES.. I'll have another Daylily post soon. Think I may have told you that we have/had 55 different varieties in our yard this year... SO pretty....

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Day lilies, one of my favourites, and down here I have a deep golden one, with shorter leaves and smaller flowers, it blooms almost all year round. They add stunning colours. Cheers,Jean.

  4. These flowers are wonderful! Such nice vibrant colors.

  5. Ooooh, I like them all but Calico Jack are my general garden colors.