Sunday, July 6, 2014

Canoeing the North Saugeen

A week or more ago we canoed a stretch of the North Saugeen River, and this turned out to be the nicest paddle I've had around here.  The part we did is an upstream section that is fairly narrow, with lots of fallen trees in places, and almost totally 'wild'.  There was some nice strong current in places, so all you had to do was steer rather than paddle hard.  A great day on the water.

We started on McCullough Lake, and through this giant culvert joined the river.

At time it was a narrow channel to thread our way through - very interesting to me.

 I enjoyed not having to paddle too hard and having time to get pictures.

The water was absolutely remarkably clear, the clearest navigable stream I've seen around here.

You could easily watch the bottom, about 18" or 2' down.

And in places there were long mats of this very green vegetation; sorry I don't know more about aquatic plants!

A couple of low bridges to go under!

Further down the channel got wider and easier.

Several nice stands of the wild Blue Flag, the wild iris, along the edges.


  1. Very low bridges indeed.

    I'm sure the ducks would appreciate those underwater plants.

  2. Sounds like a grand adventure! Beautiful scenery.