Saturday, July 26, 2014

Paddling the Robson Lakes

We got out for another short paddle this week, exploring the three small inter-connected Robson Lakes, just east of Holland Centre a few miles north of here.  These lakes are so small I might not have bothered, but they turned out to be quite interesting, easy to get in to, and kept us busy for an hour and a half on a beautiful summer day.

There was a convenient put-in spot and parking, right along the road, where we entered the first lake, Hines Lake.  There are only a few cottages on this lake, and virtually none on the other two.

The lakes turned to have interesting shorelines, complete with lots of waterlilies, which made for interesting photography.  I'm training my canoe buddy to just paddle me quietly to where I want to get a picture!

A narrow channel led through to the second lake, which is actually Robson Lake.  Lots of fallen trees along the shoreline here, and as you can see, it was a perfect day weather-wise.

In places Robson Lake was quite shallow, and filled with thick aquatic vegetation.  It was thick enough that it slowed down our paddling considerably, so we aimed for the open channels.

I don't know aquatic plants, though I've seen lots of them while canoeing.  But this was one I have never seen before.  No idea what it is.

These bulrushes made nice reflections along the shore.

And this group of weathered stumps caught my attention.  I just missed getting a picture of a turtle that slipped away into the water.

Tomorrow, a closer look at the patterns of the waterlilies.

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  1. The area is so beautiful and the photos really are so wonderful. I still am amazed of the wonderful sky and cloud views.

  2. Beautiful! I'm not sure of that plant either.

  3. So serene! Such a peaceful place to paddle, and with very interesting vegetation.

  4. Wonderful water reflection...mainly the clouds.... and a fantastic nature with a peaceful lake...

  5. Wonderful. Now I know exactly how you feel paddling along. : )