Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Colourful Season in the Garden

It's the colourful season  in the garden - all yellows and orange and red and various other highlights, with lots of plants in bloom at once.  Though I love getting out on the trail, the most obvious change over the season is the sequence of plants that come into bloom in the garden - it's right out there in front of our eyes!

We have lots of Rudbeckia, in several varieties - coneflowers and brown-eyed susans and such.  They're a dominant yellow in the garden, but hard to catch effectively in a photo.  They do last a long time, so I'll have lots of chance to try.

 The first of the Crocosmia are just coming into bloom today.

We have a small group of red hot pokers that seem to be finally making a showing this year.

This is a new clematis that has climbed up a fence post and smothered a big metal flower we have there in purple blooms - the best blooming clematis we have!

Pink and white peas grow among other plants where the seeds were thrown a few years ago.

This is a new bright pink Monarda, just planted last year and blooming for the first time.

A nice clump of small pinks in the scree garden.

The first of many pinkish/purple coneflowers coming into bloom.  In two weeks we'll have a lot of these.

And back behind the fence where I let it stay for the year, a huge lemony yellow mullein with a branching flower stalk.  I usually let one or two of these stay around, even if it is in the garden.

Scrolling through this I realize it's not showing the garden as all "yellows and orange and red" - instead my choice seems to be mostly pink.  I'll try to rectify that tomorrow and give you the correct overall impression.


  1. You have a beautiful garden, I really like the variety of colors!! The purple blooms are my favorites ;)

  2. Gorgeous flowers... You have lots and lots of pretty colors... Have missed you around lately... My blog tomorrow features our yard. Hope you see it.

  3. I'm not a big fan of pink except in flowers and flamingos. Your garden looks absolutely delightful. Looking forward to seeing more of it.

  4. All the flowers are beautiful. Great combination of colors.