Wednesday, July 2, 2014

More Butterflies and Moths

Here are a few more butterflies and moths I've photographed around the garden recently.  The Northern Crescents, the Skippers and the Virginia Ctenuchid Moths have been swarming around the Valerian in the garden constantly for nearly two weeks now.  And the Skippers also swarm on the driveway, apparently drinking up some minerals!

A False Crocus Geometer, a species I've never seen before.

Two of the Virginia Ctechunid Moths on a Ninebark blossom.

A close-up.

Five of hundreds of Skippers swarming on the driveway.

Is it drinking minerals of some sort??

White Spotted Sable Moth


  1. Some moths can be really pretty! Nice shots.

  2. I've never seen that first one either. Beautiful!

  3. Fantastic photos. Thanks for sharing !

  4. Gorgeous details, particularly that last one!

  5. You are seeing a nice variety, and your photos are super duper!!

  6. Amazing photos. Been reading your posts and need to comment more. Thanks for reminding us of the beauty of nature.