Saturday, May 1, 2021

May 1st!

I can't believe it's May 1st!  April has whizzed by here, even if I haven't been out much.  Just a few warm days, but still lots of stuff coming up in the garden.  Today was another garden work day, and we had our trusty garden helper work on edging in a few places.  Next week he will start on framing in the new veggie border down the east side of the house.

Our two Rhododendrons that we thought were dying or dead have burst into the most beautiful deep pink blossoms.

I looked out the window from a new angle this morning, and saw both a shimmering of green on that distant Sugar Maple and the Rhododendrons in the foreground.

I managed this closer photo, but then asked Mrs. F.G. with her growing photographic skills, to get a few closer photos.  She can simply get closer to all these garden plants than I can; the rest of these photos are hers.

I just think this colour is hard to beat.

Out front the Bleeding Heart has bloomed, though the whites are again a bit blown out here.

She could get a much closer shot of the stinky Fritillaria than I could.

And then she started to get artsy1

But the prize this year is the Fernleaf Peony, which appears to be growing well and will have several blooms.  We were a bit worried about it after it was transplanted from the old house.  We've found it hard to transplant, but it's a very expensive garden plant so we didn't want to lose it.  Luckily we were given the original plant.

It's still disgustingly cold outside for me, probably not getting above 10°C.  I'd like a nice sunny week of 18°!  But the forecast is for rain the next 2 or 3 days, and then a high or only 8 or 9 the next few.  Balderdash!


  1. I had to move my fernleaf so it set it back for this season. It will come back better next year. You have some good color with the flowers in bloom. I like your large lawn that you don't have to mow.

  2. Yes, April flew by; in many ways it seems the past year has gone quickly. It's a strange phenomena, but the older you get the faster time passes -- Earth's rotation must be increasing.

  3. It's always interesting in Spring to see what did and what didn't make it through the winter. Here plants are more likely to drown than to be killed by cold but it does happen.
    Your Fernleaf Peony looks very healthy. I look forward to seeing it in bloom.

  4. We have 6 Celsius this morning. Yesterday was 1st May here, the opening day of duck shooting. I think one son-i-law goes for the company rather than the sport. Love your blooms, and the peony, such delicate greenery there.Enjoy your warmer days, here winter clothes are the going fashion!!

  5. I agree, the color of the rhodo is absolutely gorgeous! I spotted a little bit of green starting to show in my front flower bed. It faces north and doesn't get much sun so always takes awhile longer. But we've no leaves out on the trees yet, maybe by Monday.

    Fingers crossed you get the warmth we're getting now. 26C yesterday, 20+ today, but cooling off to 13 tomorrow.

  6. The garden is looking in good shape.

  7. You are describing our weather too. Here’s hoping it changes so you can get outside more often, FG. Your garden is really growing well despite the cold.

  8. Lets hope that weather forecast is wrong - it has been known! Always amazing to see how things awaken from their winter hibernation.

  9. The Mrs did well. I like the Fritillaria (to look at anyway) although I don't think I have ever come across it. I have heard of it, though.

  10. That Fernleaf Peony could easily be called the Fernleaf Peacock Peony because it does look like one is looking down on a little green feathered Peacock head with beak and all.

  11. The days, weeks and months pass by so quickly.
    I enjoyed seeing your photographs.

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  12. It is all looking so good. I'm surprised that the Bleeding heart is out so soon!